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  1. I hear chords larger than 9th, mostly 11th and 13th, is like 70% Impressionism, 30% Jazz, with this I tell you is nothing like the theory you've studied, I have no time to make you a score of this but start exploring these type of chords: Cmaj7(#11) = C+E+G+B+D+F# C7(#11) = C+E+G+Bb+D+F# Cm7(11) = C+Eb+G+Bb+D+F Now move them around, this work may have been written with a key signature or not, this is beyond normal tonalities, so it makes no difference, also you do have strict degree moving, most of chords have a double degree value, from where they came, and to where they're going, no need to dig too much into this, just play those chords in all the roots you can, and add some good feeling rhythm. Note: If too confusing, keep studying you'll understand in the future :thumbsup:
  2. kontakt is working as vst so the DAW must offer other options for it, look in the top of the kontakt window or little icons, you should configure the channels, maybe is receiving all in channel 1.
  3. try to temporary set other vst, a non samples one, any synth vst, and see if it sounds, sequencer may not be even sending the note to the vst.
  4. does it sound if you manually press the key in kontakt keyboard ? (previously selecting the instrument you want)
  5. The kontakt instruments have a range settings in their information, that will be the range will play no matter what's the range in the note map, you may enlarge the the range of trombone from E to low Bb (using same sample) and it won't play that low Bb unless you edit the range in the instrument config. EDIT: Ah is called "Key range"
  6. I don't play harmonica but I used to had two (until I sold them) and this is what I recall, harmonica comes with this layering CEGCEGCEG when you blow and DFADFADFA when you draw those would be the upper holes, and the lower would be C#F#A#C#F#A#C#F#A# when you blow and D#G#BD#G#BD#G#B when you draw but there are several layering on harmonicas, best way is to find the notes yourself, if the harmonica is in C, your lowest note will be C, if it's in F, your lowest note is C for you but sound F (might be F lower of F higher) C=F, D=G etc
  7. in what ? Choir ? yes avoid it, if you wanna double this might work better... S high = S high S low = A high A high = S low A low = A low T high = T high T low = B high B high = T low B low = B low EDIT: I meant better for sounding, it will cross anyway
  8. are major chords just min7 chords without root ? No, same answer for your question, No. If you start doing that then you will remove any kind of structure of harmony, is like if I ask, what chord is Bb+D+F# ? Bbaug ? no, is GmM7 just omit root :D... no, is Em9(b5) just omit root and 3rd :musicwhistle:... no, it's actually C7(#11) just omit root, 3rd and 5th, :w00t: ... no, it's really Ab9#5#11#13
  9. Do you use Pianofiles.com ? it will close on Dec 2014 :(

    1. Omar Sanchez

      Omar Sanchez

      I read that, when I went on. =(

      That sucks. I love that site.

  10. I thought there was not enough people in this site to actually have a meeting.
  11. Prokofiev Piano Concerto No.2 has so much of this than is actually written in 4/4 right hand and 12/8 left hand.
  12. They might be unclear forms, but they are forms, styles are Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionism etc, It can be Romantic/Waltz or Classical/March or Impressionist/Nocturne, (form+style) but not Nocturne/Symphony (form+form) IF "Nocturne" would be a style. Most of forms are unclear compared to Sonata, that includes forms came from folklore or local traditions, taken to a concert level.
  13. Those are forms (yes like sonata) not styles. Rhapsody Nocturne Funeral March, well a march, but dark, sad, possibly slow.
  14. I'm not sure, possibly copying one staff and then pasting as 1 voice (blue) then paste other staff as 2nd voice (green) etc but I don't know if it's possible, besides it will probably will create you some very bad piano writing, I recommend you to write the piano part yourself.
  15. Embouchure gliss in reeds will be always down, but I'd say maximum 1 semitone, maybe less, you can hear it in Symphonie Fantastique, beginning of last movement, Berlioz wrote a whole 8va gliss, which is never possible, (and he was an Orchestration "Expert" :facepalm: ) but I have always heard it like that, less than a semitone, and if its possible in oboe it must be possible in english horn, but in both it might be possible in some notes and others not, I'd guess very low it won't work check video at 44:04 Penderecki's Capriccio for Oboe has lot of unusual effects including wider glissandos but I don't have the score, I don't know how did he notate those. I don't play oboe but in clarinet you can do gliss in notes are not keys but holes, and you slide the finger to open them, but I don't know which notes are in oboe.
  16. Please Help Us

  17. Most of Baroque, Classical and Romantic music... Perotinus Magnus |<- - whatever :thumbsdown: fits here - ->| Grieg With some exceptions like: Bach's Brandemburg 6th Mozart's Requiem Beethoven's 9th Berlioz's Fantastique Symphonie Mussorgsky (most of him)
  18. That's all you do, insults, would be better for you to be a stone. I'm closing this.
  19. God said "Nailed it" when finished you, and just see what kind of person you are... I don't like banner either but can't you wait until he fixes it ? is not your site anyway and you're not paying for the use of the site so go post your ridiculous demands somewhere else.
  20. Just recovered this live recording, that might be the only recording available of this work, I recorded myself with a tiny casette player.

  21. Boris Lyatoshynski, not everyday I make this kind of discovery.

    1. Shadowwolf3689


      Lyatoshynsky's piano music is superb. It is a shame that the only recording of it sounds as though it was made underwater

    2. Stirling_Radliff


      Maybe check out Jānis Ivanovs next.

    3. SYS65


      ok I'll search that guy :)

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  22. Site failed yesterday but now works normally, and they moved deadline to Feb 24 (maybe because of the fail) you still can submit.
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