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  1. is this thread still about time signatures ??? or writing a piece everyone will love..? (today I was prepared to receive good opinions and attacks also, about my last post ...... It seems no one read it, they just keep arguing) Let me tell you something..... Write music for yourselves, for your girlfriend, for your wife, for your son, for your best friend.....never for the critics.
  2. Good, Bad, Better, Boring, .... all those are subjetive words someone may use to call some music, but, who can say with complete authority "This is Good, that is Bad" ??? while those terms depend of "personal tastes" it won't be easy to make everyone agree... if someone here believes that some music can please every single one who hears it .... let me tell you.... that is not possible. no matter how "good" may be, how "excellent" may be... it will please many people yes, many many people, but not all. (it's like politicians who try to satisfy every single person alive..... poor fool)(no offence please). The original topic was talking about making enjoyable* music in not so common time signatures, (*I repeat, it won't be for everyone), and I think is quite possible yes. Some have mentioned "Sacre du Printemps" by stravinsky, I think that's the perfect example, is "excellent" for many people, but for others....mmmmm....no. I also want to tell something I found is "Sacre du printemps".... One thing is writing a very complex segment, which is "complex" by itself, and... One thing more is complicate the things are not necessary to be complicated (just to pretend writing an "advanced" segment. Stravinsky himself said: "I find many bars of 'Sacre du Printemps' very interesting, but many others are complete indifferent to me" (and that's recorded on video, so don't tell me it's a lie). speaking of time signatures......when I studied that score, I did find the "complex" and the "complicated" differences on many bars. In "no.11 Glorification de l'Elue" when the Timpani is playing F Gb F F, F Gb F F, F Gb F F, i find some 5/4 6/4 3/4 changes which "I" consider complete unnecessary. That is "complicating" the things, (but you'll note that does not affect the sound
  3. If YC creates a new rule saying -these are the only permitted sites to upload MP3 files outside YC- ....that would be enough I think.... I think we need suggestions...... I'd check those sites and post my opinion so Administrators may say the last word about this.
  4. If an MP3 file is needed to explain certain things on a thread, (an example of performance, a Sound Recording of a Composition etc...) which can be a trustable, funcional website to upload MP3 files, so may others can go and listen (without creating any account in that site) a website does not violate the rules of YC (of course responsibility in posting Copyright material falls under the member) What sites do you recommend ?
  5. The Hammerblow can be really loud depending on the surface you're going to hit it, for instance this big wooden box.
  6. Yes, follow this guy, he's right. I think you have enough for 10 minutes with this kind of chords:
  7. Yes you're right, I was saying that you can build 10 minutes of nothing, just Ambient using the chords of a song, or a variation of it. People won't get a "Song" if they don't hear the Melody quite clear,... .... so you may hide yourself using a popular Jazzy song like "Tenderly" or "Misty" yes I think "Misty" is better....you use the same chords with no melody, make some delicate arpeggios, cool the beat, almost to the slowest possible, perhaps repeat everything in other tonality, add some other chords, maybe a very short melody, play and play and soon you'll find out that 10 minutes had passed already and now you may continue playing a more vivid Song just to change the mood and avoid boring the audience.
  8. So are you talking about Jazz music only, or you're also thinking in other kinds of "backgrounds" ? I used to play piano in a restaurant, but not precisely Jazz music, maybe a little but mostly "well-known" songs like "My Way" "Tenderly" (bossa-nova like) "Corcovado" "Desafinado" and Mexican songs like "Besame mucho" "Fascinacion", movie themes too.....etc, etc... but sometimes I was able to play just "Backgroud" music, not theme, not song, just "Nice Ambient" is that what you want ?... Remember Jazz is very much of "improvisation", but there are chords, harmonic cycles, that may funtion like a "Material" to play like that. I do not concider myself a Jazzist, but I'll tell you what I got: Get well used to BIG chords, without leaving the tonality (I mean, not to big that sounds atonal music) ninths, elevens etc (In my very personal opinion) Play in MINOR please... Get one of those "Fake books" of jazz songs and look at the chords the piano must play, ignore the melody and try to play just the harmony, with "NO RUSH" just cooooool ....I hope that helps...I'll think in more stuff...
  9. SYS65

    Mouth Trumpeting

    OK, I'm sorry then.... Follow the original post
  10. SYS65

    Mouth Trumpeting

    Sorry to start with non-help comment but I do need that same kind of help playing the trumpet, I'm just starting with it and I'm wondering if the mouthpiece is the correct for me ...is a common 7C.... I've looked in the internet and all I find is "fingering charts", but nothing of how to mouth the trumpet to sustain or change the harmonics.
  11. You may see my question http://www.youngcomposers.com/forum/instrumentals-2684-8.html#post286084
  12. I was about to post a new thread but it would be very similar to this, so I
  13. I Think the 7/8 can be easy if you divide the accents in natural ways, like S.Revueltas "Sensemay
  14. I think your original question was: Notation Composer - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET Download.com This link is NOT piracy, because is "Shareware", is perfectly legal to download it. I haven't tested this software and I think is not very good, but if you really need something quickly, it could help you...it will sound using your Sound Card MIDI Synthesizer, so don't expect great timbres. You may also search for more freeware or shareware software in that site Free Software Downloads and Reviews - Download.com, but I suggest you get Sibelius or Finale.
  15. Just tune a 2nd Harp a quarter tone different, that's it.....write the score in C, and let the Harpist play normally, (the transposition will be automatically like Clarinet in Bb or Horn in F)... ...in other words, have 1 "Harp in C" and 1 "Harp in C quarter sharp" * .... no problem at all. (just remember the 2nd harp is sounding a quarter tone up) * I know those names sound weird but that's the way to call them.
  16. Yes, and that's the purpose of the modern invents, and works as an enhancement for some people, but for others...makes them weaker
  17. Old composers had nothing but their brain software may be very useful but, I wonder if that will cause a descent in the ability of future composers....you know, like "calculator" in mathematics...
  18. yeah I agree, if the player is kind of grumpy, he will find a lot of "tuning troubles" here and there and this and that.... (excuses) ....but if he's willing to do it, he will do it. I think also depends from the kind of score you create, try to make a clear, understandable score with easy indications like "1st Harp tuned normally, 2nd Harp totally tuned a quarter tone up" that's it... I believe frist look still counts, if the player finds a complet "Owner's Manual" with many tuning indications... that would probably make it seem difficult to perform. .....help the player to play your piece.
  19. Yes. I didn't think in that, Well, I don't know how this idea will sound to you but making an Electronic Piece would become everything much more easier, (modifying the Real Harp Samples).....it's just an idea.... What jujimufu says, I don' know if it can be done well, but if somebody do it, he will practically invent a new Harp, (it would be nice to have an Harp like that) Keep looking, it could work really nice.
  20. Messiaen hated the Harp because he just found it unable to play other kind of music outside the common scales. You may modify the tuning but not the pedal mechanism. The Pedals gives you +/- Half tone. let's say you pitch a "C" string in "C quater sharp" (I don't know how to put the symbol), with pedals you have the aditional "C three quarter sharp" and "C quarter flat" but you lose the "C natural" in that string...does that make a problem to your piece ?, if not, you may continue. You would have to be really careful explaining the pitch of every string and very careful too when writing the score to remember what notes can be played and avoid incoherent passages. I don't see the Harp like a very agile and suitable Instrument for quarter notes, but if you specify every single detail and you finally make it, it would be worthy of admiration. (just don't ask moving the strings while the piece is being performed)
  21. Well I don't know very much about that kind of music or artist names but you may find a lot of music to listen to in musicMe : musique gratuite, telechargement illimit
  22. Ok, clear enough Yes, sounds like the end of this thread.
  23. Schumann, seriously, with all you respect, I think you must try to explain in better words the meaning of your original post in order to receive useful answers, otherwise, most of us keep feeling unable to create the proper discussion this site was designed to. Because now I feel we're wasting your time as well as our time. Is not lack of enthusiasm, interest or willing to help, just you give us a help so we may help you.
  24. Yes, :laugh: well, at least we're having a little fun in here, while some Maestrotell us what's going on... I think I got it, it's about "Theory of Relativity" in music and "Methaphisical" activities... ...No ?... ups! (I was already celebrating)
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