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  1. Why do you get mad QcCowboy ? does this are not trivial critics ? I'll leave the forum if you want...but I'm not mad at all, tell me then, what else did you find in my score....something that is really important, and I assure you....I won't write that mistake again ... I do take opinions.....but not those about I mention, something helpful....
  2. I Actually don't like him.... He makes too saccharine concerts for me...
  3. Richard Strauss said that Mahler's works were overorchestrated... and what kind of orchestras does Strauss used....and They both are the best developing the orchestra. Again...I'm not saying my work is la Mahler or R.Strauss There are many ways to orchestrate...an there are some orchestras with "unlimited resources" playing modern works very often. Why does every body says the orchestra is too big... What do you thing about "Varese - Ameriques" and how does he uses all that instruments.... Again....no critics of clear facts... ....arguing about the Horn playing high,,,as you can see the rest in the last page... .... a Flute playing something nobody will hear.... .... why the horns are in one single staff.....Because I needed space !!! You thing that's real critics about orchestrations...? and "real professionals eh"...
  4. I wasn't trying to compare my work with "The Rite of Spring" ... mine is actually much more easier in every way... The Horns won't be playing like that all the time of course... What the Alto Flute is playing ?....did you see something like trying to play a new theme nobody is going to listen ?... the flute is just playing.... I won't be surprised of having an unending discussion here, me defending my work... others finding errors.... like Prokofiev vs Shostakovich arguing about their 5th symphonies... "Mine is better.... no, mine is, yours is wrong orchestrated... look at the begining of of the symphony, the whole string section is playing the same..." My work will be played some day, you must know that, even If i have to conduct myself.
  5. I never said I came here hoping bunches of congratulations, and "Ego" is one thing, "Self-Confidence", "Faith in yourself" "Proud of your works" those are different things. I Repeat, I don't doubt there are good composers here, I just heard the "Somnus Corvidae" by Mr. flint-wwrr and is quiet good, (I would only say that why is that short ? is any more mouvements ?) I'm sure some of the people in here would find a lot of composition mistakes in scores like "Rite of Spring" if Stravinsky would be alive on this forum, but now he is a great composer, noone dares to say that.... Don't forget some works that you may find not so goog, could become that later.
  6. I have no doubt that there must be quite good composers here, I was trying to say that I don't go quickly to say...."Hey, that note is wrong, that passage is bad" Is just i haven't received an honest critic about some specific fact, just things like: is not called "Almost Large" is Called "Large" and "Why is not in treble clef instead an Alto Clef" ....wel I forgot to change the clef in the sibelius...sorry...
  7. I am not going to say who of course, and what "others" have been doing that saying my work is Bad ?....In case I offend someone, I' so sorry. but I did see that.
  8. No No, sorry... I didn't mean that, not you
  9. Yes, a very few people owns a Heckelphone, that's what I'm saying... that we can change that some day.
  10. Here some answers: Yes the horns are very high, that’s the point, and it is playable. Don’t make an scandal for a simple “Large” “Almost Large” word, the score doesn’t even mention that, is not important. I Agree very much players does not warranty the greatness of the work, I use the instruments I need to express what I want. The other work does not employ so many players, and I will certainly see that an orchestra play that one before the Op.20 If someone of you have intensions of giving me good advises to help me, I appreciate, but I feel not I HAVEN’T DELETE ANY OF YOUR POSTS YOU’RE IN THE WRONG THREAD I Said "Amazing" because that's just the way I like to orchestrate. What is the purpose of this web site ? I have already seen really bad works here but at least I do not go to post my insult to that young fellow, his learning. It is very easy to find mistakes in other peoples works, why don’t you check your own scores. We are in YoungComposers.com check your browser, maybe you thing you are in WellKnownGeniousComposers.com
  11. it's only a short passage....come one
  12. Yes, that could be the main reason, only "Heckel" builds Heckelphones, and they're very expensive by the way. But I insist, use it, someday it could become like the English horn don't you think ?
  13. I Admit the recording is not very good, I have only "Kontakt Silver" and other instruments were recorded with the MIDI Synth sound, but what do you want me to do ?, that's the vest I Could, ... is a "SIMULATION" or your lack of imagination is clear ? One of the keys for naming a "Large Orchestra" is the use of 8 Horns, and "Semi-large" was just an expression as you can see I have my own ways to name my orchestras. "Amry" "Cohorts" "Legions"... ...Besides check, the woodwinds, there's only 1 more English horn, 1 Bass Clarinet, 1 Contrabasson. Brass: only 1 trumpet, 1 trombone 1 tuba more.... Come on, you haven't see true "Large Orchestras" with 6 trombones, 8 trumpets or more, 5 Flutes, 6 clarinets etc.... maybe the 2 Timpani Sets intimidates The orchestration is amazing and I'm glad I have a "bad-critic" already, if people yell me on the premiere would be perfect, I hate hippocratics critics with "Oh.. Was so beautiful" ...Do you know what a critic said about "Mahler Symphony No.8", he said "If you want to have a hour and a half of torture, go to hear that symphony".... J. Sibelius said once, "Don't hear the critics, never have been raise a sculpture for them" Go one, tell me how bad did I use every single instrument,
  14. There was a time when instruments like English horn or Contrabassoon were unusual due to their recent invention. Composers started to use them on their orchestral works and now every orchestra owns at least one of them. It has been not like that with the Heckelphone, many years have passed and still remains like an unusual, uncommon instrument in the Orchestra. U.S and Europe have the privilege of having this instrument, but outside these countries, asking for a Heckelphone in the score, is making it almost impossible to perform. You don
  15. If is made of metal, and hanging like that, is a Gong, if is not metal, no, is not of course ... Tam-Tam is a Gong too, (I think French call them Gong-Tremulant, or something like that) there are many kind of gongs. The Pitched Gongs are called "Thai Gongs" (or Burmese Gongs), and they are from big low pitch to very small high pitch (called Gamelang Gongs) Tam-tam is an unpitched gong indeed and it has been enhanced since years ago to creat that brilliant sound we know. Some Scores published today still comes with the word "Gong", everybody knows that the score is meaning a Tam-tam.... Anyway...the picture is very weird...
  16. if Bach said that, I suppose Wagner, Puccini, R.Strauss were totally an unobedient bad boys…. I have only a few days in YoungComposers.com and I feel I have already created some weird commotion, What if I tell you about how did I learn another 8 instruments ? eh ??? THIS WOULD EXPLODE LIKE CRAZINESS so I won’t tell more about my personal experiences, no more. I did not say my method is easy and does not need labor and dedication, actually is more difficult, you misunderstood my words. I admit I was the one started changing the subject, I’ll take more care of what I post, and I ask anybody to focus in my first post. I feel somebody thinks that the libretto is only the story, I already know what the story is about, the libretto is, what exact words are going to sing the characters, when, and with who ?, every single word in every dialog, that’s the libretto. Some serious people already contacted me willing to do it, I shall make my decision soon, I’ll write one last post saying I found the one, and then I’ll abandon this threat, no matter what you post. Good luck with your careers everyone,
  17. Ok, ok, this is getting out of the subjet...Nobody agrees with my method, that isn't new for me...It seems there are many "Conservatory" guys here, you must believe that I wasn't trying to offend anybody, I apologize. In my country I did see many students playing exercices for years and then a little piece...You must know, I'm not in U.S. we have the worst schools here, maybe that's the reason I hate them and I decided to be an autodidactic. I do play the works I said except the Prokofiev Piano Concerto no.2, is not ready yet...but it's true those are the only works I studied, I used to play as a kid my works only must of the time, but other composers pieces, only the ones I mentioned. I can discuss this later...I just want to know, Who's going to write the libretto ????
  18. The reason is because I simply want to write an opera that’s all, and I feel myself completely capable of do it. I Have a particularly way of learn things in music, I never wanted to take piano lessons because Conservatories and all those people think like Mr. “Dan Gilbert” that you should learn to walk before running. What would be the answer you all would give me if I tell you: I’m going to learn piano in this way: I’ll study -Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata Mov.3 only, …then -Chopin: "Revolutionary" Study…then -Grieg: Piano Concert,…then -Prokofiev: Suggestion Diabolique… and now -Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No.2 That’s it….I’m a Pianist…..no “beyer” methods, no uncountable exercises through years to then start to playing a little piece. I’m sure you all would tell me that’s an insane plan, you’re out of your mind, you’ll never make it… well, I have played 4 or the five works in the list… of course it take more time in that way, a conservatory piano student may get the “Chopin Study” ready in 1 month, it took me 6 months to study that piece…but think about it, at the end, you made your career in much less time. Well that’s for intrepid radical people I guess… Let me tell you that it is possible to learn running just like that, no matter how unbelievable sound, and you know what ?...you want to learn an instrument or to sing, go to the conservatories, … you want to be a composer… don’t even put your foot on those places. I won’t write mini operas first, then a little bigger and so…. I’ll write a Great Opera, with the help of one of you writing the libretto. I have always been contradicted by my way to work, I write directly for Orchestra, not piano and then the orchestration, and I’m very proud of my orchestral works, I never rewrite passages. Please forget about the Chaldean and all that nonsense, I only mentioned like a “I would be great”, Just think in French, English, Spanish, that’s it. Who is going to do it ? The whole Story, like I describe it in the first post, (I’ll will surely write other works while I finish the Opera, I always have several work at a time)
  19. I forgot to tell you, get at most Great Master's scores you can.
  20. First of all I'll tell you that don't try to find an "Owner's Manual" of composition to follow instructions, like it would be a VCR. I don't want to contradict any of the guys wrote up here, I can only tell you that you have to be patient with yourself, composing is not like changing the TV channel or everybody would compose. I don't want to sound negative but some people just did not born to compose, they simply won't make it, but don't lose your faith in yourself. Listen carefully all the music you can, Great Composer's works are the best lessons, they're the best teachers, It doesn't matter if you write some kind of "copy" of what you heard, that's normal in the begining, then you'll find your own way. And the most important thing I can share with you is that, "DEVELOPMENT" is the most important thing in composition, not "inspiration". Richard Strauss wrote "Also Sprach Zarathustra" with only three notes C,G,C, you may cleary listen that motif in the whole work, in one way, then in another, then faster, then louder etc... don't think R.Strauss heard the whole work in his mind just the way it is and just putted on paper. Don't seek to much in your mind, develop whatever you got.
  21. I don't know if that's "much" but here is my list of things: Daniel Mu
  22. Yes, you're right, the point is that I won't write the libretto, that's what I'm looking for, a writer, but if the writer speaks not Spanish, then what ? I'm going to have to translate the whole libretto...well, maybe, could be... I didn't like Operas neither until I heard "The Firey Angel" by Prokofiev, then I bought "Prince Igor" (Borodin) and "Turandot" (Puccini) and I decided that every good composer should have at least 1 Opera...well that's my opinion, maybe if you're a Jazzist, that makes no sense of course.
  23. Chaldean, Arabic, Martian, Javascript or whatever was the language in that area I was saying that would be very difficult to sing that, and not, my frist language is the Spanish.
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