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  1. In my testament I will only write one thing: I Don't want Andre Rieú to play my music.

    1. Sarastro


      A. Rieu can't be worse than infamous Luis Cobos...

    2. SYS65


      hahaha right, I know that guy Luis Cobos

    3. orchdork02


      but can it be worse than Roger Norington conducting Beethoven? *shudders*

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  2. Mandolin has same strings than violin, just it can't go as high as violin, G5 maybe B5 but no more. btw the beams in the first bar you wrote look very confusing to me, are you sure you're copying well ?
  3. Hey, I'm finding quite problematic the handle of chord diagrams when they have parentheses, I'm not sure how did I did it but I could managed sibelius understand the text and automatically create the parentheses and make the additional numbers appear one on top of the other. For the 2nd chord you see in picture, I just write the 1st chord and when I click outside text object it automatically turns into 2nd, BUT I can't write any chord, it seems to recognize only some chords, for instance I try to turn the Eb7 into Ebm7 and it doesn't work, when I click outside it fails to create parentheses and it remains like text and becomes red. How can I handle these type of chord diagrams, or create a new style ? anyone uses parentheses with one number on top of other ? Thanks.
  4. That's for me also the hardest part of composing a piece, and somehow I manage to join the parts, I'm not sure what to tell you, how can I describe it... just be open for many things, transition might need to be larger of what you'd like, or it may even need a whole segment between, maybe it can be very fast and sudden and it will work, anyway, just keep searching your transition, (sorry I can't explain better)
  5. one of those solists sing like 2 or 3 notes, and turn the page.

  6. Poetry, the art always wanted to be music.

    1. Sonataform


      If anything, I've always strived to compose poetry in the form of music...

  7. Do you have separated recordings for voices ? if you only have a single waveform with all voices singing at once, and you want to modify one note of the chord I don't think is possible.
  8. Get scores of Bach and all baroque pieces are in this style including continuo, the other instruments (at least strings) can double part of continuo or do something else based on same harmony, can have solo parts, many different things.
  9. Happy Mother's Day... if there is a mother in here.

  10. yes, now there's no contradiction, but that sounds very sad, is it very sad ? "Very slow, delicate and weeping" ? :( if that's what you want then is ok. :thumbsup:
  11. "Grave" and "Leggiero" at the same time ? first tell me what would you want it to say (in english) and then I tell you how could it be in italian, but I think "grave" + "leggiero" is a contradiction.
  12. Considering building what would be my Symphony No.1 with 3 recently started pieces might join well

    1. Austenite


      Wonderful! *claps* - looking forward to see where it takes you.

    2. SYS65


      well I only have like 2 pages of each piece, so I must decide before continuing

  13. 1st link sounds like common cymbals to me, 2nd link is not clear enough because is digital render not real recording, but I think all this sounds strange to you probably because you only know a drumset, get familiar with rest of percussion, or orchestral percussion.
  14. No I don't think a common percussionist can play it, it's quite hard to control it to play a tuned melody, no idea what kind of instrumentist the saw could be related to, but I've known only 2 and they were string players, Violin and Cello players, I once tried to play the saw with my violin bow, but couldn't do it, didn't sound at all :veryunsure:
  15. I don't play any of those instruments but I'll tell you what I think, You can see here a few notes are not mechanical keys but holes you open/close with your finger, so I guess if you start half closing it you'll get a little gliss down, but I don't know what notes those holes are. Harp pedals can work fast just don't forget harpist have only 2 feet :D All trumpets have the tuning slide but you don't wanna move it while playing, you can move the slides in the -1 tone valve and -1 1/2 tune valve which are the "first valve tube" and "third valve tube" in this picture: not all notes can be played using one of these valves, for instance B natural would pressing the middle piston decreasing pitch in half a tone only, maybe real trumpetist know tricks for this but I don't see any other way to play a B natural than blowing C and pressing -1/2 valve (Trumpet players please help here) Some players I'm sure can do little glisses with embouchure, but it might not work in the entire range.
  16. I am going to try with a teacher has some lessons for this, I don't know maybe I can improve this but I doubt it, I've always had difficulty to read anything, not just notes even letters, I often misread things in here that's why I comment wrong sometimes, the point is I don't even know where am I seeing... but I will try something.
  17. Takemitsu is so so good

    1. Stirling_Radliff


      If there were a Like button here, I'd push it.

    2. Kvothe


      I have to agree on this!

  18. I haven't seen that upload but uploads with midi only no mp3 and no pdf are always ignored.
  19. yes p < f will imply brighter sound, real instruments are not like samples, that you can just turn up volume using a pp sample, in real life if you blow more, it will sound louder AND brighter.
  20. I'll try to have a decent piece to send you, I hope I can find the time to write one.
  21. stop ? who said stop ? I only said I find very difficult to read scores and people thing I'm making up things.
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