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  1. aaaaam I don't see "Top Game/Film" in composition categories.
  2. Eileen, this is a site with about 300 (really active) male members and perhaps 3 or 4 female members so what do you think is gonna happen if a "Best Couple" category is featured... Connor you have dates for nominations deadline, voting days and results ?
  3. This thread must be on top of board like past years so everyone may see it, I don't know if I can add a link there, let me check if not I'll ask Mike.
  4. Well, we would have to enter in a large description of "successful" but since I live in a place nothing proper for this dedication, and I haven't had any premiere of what I've wrote, I think I can't be very close of that word "successful"... my ambitions ? man to be truly honest, I must say I've changed my ambitions dramatically in the last few years, right now my "ambitions" is nothing but have a job, a house, a wife, and that's it, I can live really happy with those things, without those things, I could have a quite large/loud premiere and I wouldn't remove the deep sadness I carry in my soul, not a slightly bit. I'll have a premiere in a few days, but is an arrangement, on Christmas songs.... not very exiting isn't it ? now that if I am satisfied with what I write ? yes generally I am.
  5. I'd like to mention that we've had problems before when sending nominations without including link to the nominated piece/thread, and then we have to bee looking all over the site for something wasn't even named like that, so please include links to all nominated works and threads.
  6. MDNA Tour at Mexico City

  7. Why is people saying Cody Banks died ? I don't see anything in imdb

  8. An Agogic Problem, and is not due to the agogo

  9. Depends on the type of effect you want, Xylophone, Glockenspiel and crotales these 3 have a clear attack sound, it means every single note of the tremolo will be noticed, it won't merge smoothly as perhaps you expect, for instance Vibraphone would much better for this, you can use the same vibraphone soft mallets on xylophone and would sound smooth just not loud, in glockenspiel you perhaps could find some of the hardest mallets of timpani those with small head and use it in glockenspiel that would do a nice effect but again, will be mich reduced in volume, for crotales you would special mallets I don't know how to call them but it would require a very small head like 7mm and made of a sort of not too hard plastic like the rubber in bicycle breaks, so the Xylo+glocken+crotales can work fine with some modifications, but insist vibraphone would be much better and perhaps celesta, you also bow the crotales but will sound like 5 seconds only.
  10. These have been the categories in 2012, 2011 (don't add too much 2010) and 2009 awards... Now I think we can add a few ones and perhaps remove one from the been said I like "Most Versatile composer", "Best Solo" would be within "Top chamber", I say nominations in this can be accepted and if there are no more than 3 works nominated for this then it won't be any "Best Solo". CJ we do have "Best Reviewer", Serge (Zach) won last year this year might win "Most missed member" and if we open categories in styles it will multiply all categories in too many options and it didn't work before. "Least obvious alternate account." maybe a catergory like "Most Problematic Member" or "YC's top troublemaker" "YC's Staff nightmare" etc "worse composition ever" could be but don't complain if one of yours wins. Most unreasonable member. Strangest member. Most religious. Most spiritual. Worst Title and if we remove some to add more if the funny ones, for instance I've never known what's exactly "Most Sexy-grazed" member that was nothing but Saiming/Max winning there and nobody knows why, do we remove this one ? Maybe remove "Best Journal" since there are very few journals and nobody read them they are usually dead threads and someone come once a year to post something... remove ? Staff's Pet ? Mitchell won until he disappeared and the same, nobody knows why since he wasn't even staff member. I'd like polls for all, simple and fast.
  11. Bass Clarinet is gone, but now I'm totally TACET

    1. SYS65


      I can't talk, I'm mute... as a tradition I seem to write better when feeling somehow bad... I'll post in a few days

    2. jrcramer
    3. SYS65


      today I can talk :) con sordina and ppp but I can talk... also I just read Diana Krall cancelled her concerts for the same reason hahaha I felt better

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  12. A cold wants to enter in me, we'll see tomorrow meanwhile I sound like Bass Clarinet

    1. cjplumblossom
    2. SYS65


      Wow 3 Bass Clarinets coooool, do we have a Contrabass one ?

    3. Austenite


      I used to be one - but I'm over my cold now :p ...

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  13. hard to vote, I like all... maybe background could be something that includes all references to classical, modern, jazz, pop etc in one.
  14. There is one!!! ... be patient, this will take time, and I read more scores than books, those are my books where I learn, but not sure if recommend you to do that.
  15. Pc-ts Pc-ts Pc-ts Pc-ts

    1. Kvothe
    2. SYS65


      no, the music with loud Kick-Hat Kick-hat like dance or trance we call it "Punchis-Punchis"

    3. Kvothe
  16. wow I can't stand Haydn, I think I used to, but not anymore really, is unpleasant to me so many repetitions of same chords, so small circle and same timbre all the time, violins and violins and violins, and worse thing people thinks I like classical music, that I even write it

    1. ImperialFlute


      And Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

    2. Ananth Balijepalli

      Ananth Balijepalli

      It's a phase. Once you start learning a little theory, you start to think that Haydn or Mozart is "boring". But over time, you will come to appreciate and be in awe of all music, trust me :)

    3. orchdork02


      I actually really admire Haydn. Even out of his 104 symphonies, he managed to give each one a unique charm or twist. :)

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  17. Press M and the mixer window will appear, check if strings staff is assigned to a plugin, it has a channel, it has no "Mute" activated, and volume is not in 0%. if problem remains, you could try to reinstall.
  18. Justin go to take some breath far from cars
  19. Why cellos are always the detuned ones, I think violins have more reasons to be detuned.

    1. SYS65


      hm ? and how does that affect tuning ? I gotta try a cello to see what's going on

    2. phython


      HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry... Oh gosh, I found this funny

    3. SYS65


      aaah the pegs, well that's the cellist's problem, to keep his instrument tuned, ebony pegs should work fine, all other woods have problems, and if that's the case I will begin to promote metal mechanism for cellos too :P because I'm sick of detuned cellos.

  20. We have online lessons in this site, please visit this page or click in the tab "Music Lessons" above.
  21. Hello, we have a section where you can upload your music and members give you feedback about your music, up in this page you have "Upload Music". I think you need to develop a little more, if you have F,E,D... F,E,C ... F,E,D... F,E,C that is ok, maybe a new segment like Bb,A,G... Bb,A,F, ... Bb,A,G... Bb,A,F, repeat first, then maybe D,C,Bb... D,C,A... D,C,Bb... D,C,A etc etc
  22. Thanks for your comment, yes I've been studying and paying attention, I sound more jazzist today, (these vids are a few months back). Actually I heard Tenderly like that once, it was a recording with cricket sounds as background :dunno: just it didn't have the vivace at 2:16-2:20 that was my adding... :D I'll get that book you mention, That now you mention you're a jazz pianist, I'd like you to take a look to this, because I have been not only learning how to play but also how to write these songs, this is my first jazzy song, it is not very very good but I'm writing a new one will sound better :whistling: Thanks again.
  23. Post your Outlook.com complains here:

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