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  1. it doesn't look too bad, just for instance in m.7 in oboe, low Bb doesn't come out in p, you have to blow more, at least a short attack in f, in that particular segment it maybe will sound short in p, or maybe not, player will do it louder. things like m.106 in bassoon, (I'm not sure I don't play it) but lowest notes are played with the pinky finger, 100BMP is not too fast, but could be a problem there. the rest looks ok to me.
  2. If anyone knows of an International competition, a piece for Symphonic Orchestra, link me please

  3. Mother's Day for me, I have no idea if we have one in here... Congrats if in case.

    1. Austenite


      I'm pretty sure there's one mother lurking around. Cheers to her ;) !

    2. Max Castillo

      Max Castillo

      Thank you all so much.

    3. SYS65


      surprise surprise, it was Max

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  4. All Violins + Violas in 8vas in an intense sound indeed, just it depends on the passage, if is an almost solo melody can work, if I care about harmony too I would fill with horns and other stuff, since you have something like 16+16+14=46 instruments playing your melody and 8 basses your bassline, you only have 10 cellos for 1 note ? if chord is perfect and melody covers the rest, or you'll have to divisi your 10 cellos, so a C major chord will sound like G on 46 instruments, E on 10 and C on 8, I don't think is a good balance, I can fix it with horns, or trombones. Violins I and II in 8vas is already intense.
  5. finishing a piece I started 9 years ago, and will be like 5min, how hard is for me to write in major tonalities

    1. Kvothe


      A good recommendation, or rather two, would be Schoenberg's texts on harmony. I, myself, going to buy them and read them in the proper order and use them as supplement knowledge as music theory. :D

  6. I felt with Hope today

  7. Of course they disappear, even violins may disappear when Brass enter, that's the point of learning orchestration and how to balance all those people there. (Piano is much louder than Harp)
  8. In Properties -> General, you have your Show settings with X/Y values to move each note, but yes, individual beams means individual voices in not only a matter of visual aspect, your example image is not a correct notation.
  9. yes, you have 4 voices, Blue (1), Green (2), Orange (3), Purple (4) write one voice, then click 2 on keypad and write 2nd voice, click 3 and write 3rd voice etc. it should look like this: To change beam up or down, select note and click X
  10. Nothing like seeing the score, because I don't exactly what all this is about
  11. Wow that 2nd one looks like a mess to play it, worse than Bandoneon or Concertina, so we have to re-record all music ever recorded because we're not playing the Sharp/Flat correctly, who writes to the Deutch Gramophone director ?
  12. :blink: what are those keyboards ? Old organs have split stops but that means one stop is first two octaves and 2nd stop is the rest of the keys, but I have never know one has a different pipe for F# and other pipe for Gb in same stops
  13. Besides harmony issues F# and Gb suppose to be two different sounds in frequency but there's not a single instrument (virtual or real) to support that old theory...
  14. this is about orchestration only or finding a performer of two different instruments ? in orchestration anything can merge, a Piccolo with Tuba for instance.. in Performers, finding a person who plays Clarinet and Saxophone is more common, but Bassoon and Saxophone won't be easy to find, Bassoon has nothing to do with Saxophone, I play Saxophones and Clarinet but I have no idea how to play a bassoon and I don't own a bassoon, if you call for a single player to play Bassoon and Sax, that will be a mistake in your score. I will name the only doubling could be used, without worries Clarinet / Saxophones Trombone / Euphonium Horn / Wagner Tuba & not so common but no problem: Tuba / Euphonium and of course, things like Piccolo/Flute, Oboe/Enlgish Horn, Bassoon/Contrabassoon.
  15. professionally I only play 1 wind, the sax, but sometimes I play clarinet and requires less breath, but the problem is not how long the breath can last, sometimes I mistakenly take more breath of what I need (used to the sax) and I could hold very long, the problem is not if I have remaining air or not, the problem is that I have to keep breathing, so I have to release is and take new breath, so is not only matter of how long breath can last, for a trombone player a breath could last for 3 minutes in a recorder, just the guy must breath... circular breathing is for experts, and you can use it a few times, not the entire concert.
  16. well it won't get very close to the duduk timbre, but yes a 1 1/2 Reed can help, also a high bafle mouthpiece just these mouthpieces are not built for clarinet just for sax, I once modified a clarinet mouthpiece inner walls with wax, just the overall pitch of the clarinet changes too, gets higher, you have to take off the mouthpiece a little to fix the tuning, also an exaggerated vibrato would help, if the clarinetist is also saxophonist will understand all this, if not, forget it, you can't indicate a mess like this in the score, is just not professional, if you can talk with clarinets maybe, if not, I'd say just mark the score with something like "Edgy Tone, try to emulate a Duduk" :D .... ? :veryunsure:
  17. Hello, All lessons threads have been moved into the Teacher's Group, if you want to continue with your lessons, please join your teacher's group, inside you'll find your thread. Thank you. SYS65 (Daniel Muñoz Alférez) Group. Siwi (Simon Wilkins) Group. Aniolel (Aaron Saylor) Group. Morgri (Paul Poston) Group. Maestrowick (Chad SirWick Hughes) Group. Jawoodruff (Jason Woodruff) Group. Brand New Lessons System, here.
  18. Have you every written something that the next day you end studying you own score because you have no idea how did you do it yesterday ?

    1. Austenite
    2. SYS65


      well I'm studying the measure I wrote yesterday, looks very good, let me see how can I add one more of those

    3. Austenite


      Last time this happened to me was right in the middle of my latest piece - and I'm still watching the score so that I might actually learn how did I do that :O

  19. Emma, I could help again but I think it would be better if you stick around a little more in this community and not just come to say you need someone to compose something for you and send it to your mail. Also I'd prefer to listen the other before starting a new one.... just saying ...use the Ian chords
  20. well, sounds interesting, just I thought it was a Pipe Organ patch :( make one, a french Cavaille-Coll, pipe by pipe :D
  21. Man I assure you I have read that thing at least 4 times and I don't get it. I have no code myself, I don't know if I have what I could call "a secret" I just do it you know, just like that.
  22. This is the site where you realize how bad you are, you first get upset, then kinda understand, then learn to improve, then you get right the opposite of comments you used to get, then you're too good to remain here and leave... how much time does this takes ? depends on you.
  23. Not sure if is "obsolete" but Viola de Gamba sounds very nice.
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