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  1. Will be uploading an .mp3 of myself performing soon Sorry for the poor audio (TURN THE VOLUME DOWN)
  2. this is the piece I newly composed, hope everyone like it.
  3. A few days ago I shared my Concertino for Alto Saxophone - which was my first post here - and received very useful feedback. So useful that I am planning to share more! Piano Sonata No.2 in F major, Opus 16. As the title already explains, the composition is for solo piano. Beethoven's and other classical composers' music has had a huge influence on this piece and me. I think (so this is just an opinion) the best way to master composition is by imitating the various styles of composers and then develop your own style of writing. Only then you can understand why music is how it is and how to compose it. Feedback would be very nice! Kind regards, Maarten Bauer
  4. This is a concert overture I came up with extremely quickly over the past week or so, based off of themes I rejected for a larger project I'm being a bit more picky about. It's mostly in the classical or early Romantic style and follows sonata form pretty closely, with a repeated exposition, a development, and an altered recapitulation. Thanks for listening!Concert Overture in Bb Major.pdfConcert Overture in Bb Major.pdfConcert Overture in Bb Major.pdfConcert Overture in Bb Major.pdf
  5. This is a work for solo viola in the classical (or maybe Late Baroque/Mannerist?) idiom responding to @danishali903 's request for original solo viola music. It was (kind of obviously) inspired by Bach's famous Prelude to the Cello Suite No. 1. The chord progression and 'melody' are based on the first movement of a piece that I uploaded to the old version of the site, "Three Simple Songs" for violin with guitar accompaniment (I think this has now been lost). Generally, I think the tone of the piece is pretty suitable for a hospital floor. I watched the bowings for Bach's Prelude and it made me feel pretty confident that there should be no slurs in this one, but I wonder if it wouldn't get tiring to hack away at a viola for nearly five minutes straight. I'll defer to better judgments on this and other aspects of difficulty/plausibility. One final thing: the 9/8 time signature had me a bit confused about how to mark the tempo. Right now, it's marked "Moderato" because the dotted quarter notes come at about 100 BPM. However, it feels more like an Allegro or even Vivace tempo, and when I put it through my sound library, it automatically marked it as 150 BPM in (non-dotted) quarter notes. Which way is correct? Sorry for the book. Thanks for listening!
  6. Hello - I'm back, with four very short piano pieces for your enjoyment and valued criticism! It's been a very sad year, but emotion is at the core of creativity ! The first piece is dedicated to my grandparents both of whom we lost this Autumn. Currently in the works is a piece for woodwind and timpani, which is intended to depict a battle, but we'll see how that goes... Dan
  7. you can listen my piece here --- Snowy Christmas in Colorful Bells Composed and arranged this sound from fragments of melody Jingle Bell & Deck the Hall carols. I wrote the score and intended to play and record it on piano only, but due to lack of tools for recording I couldn't make it with quallity, so my brother helped me arranging it with program and I added bells and claps. Please tell me your review and feel free to listen.
  8. I wrote this a few years ago and I still think it's one of my best works. I initially planned on writing a symphony, but I ran into writers block during the 2nd movement and decided to just release movement 1 as a standalone overture. (I eventually did complete a full 4-movement symphony a few months ago, but not based at all on this material, nor in the same key.)
  9. Here is a symphonic poem about the month December for large orchestra. Enjoy!
  10. I started this piece around the time I was taking advanced theory in college. I was trying to compose a tune that sounded "classical", and I wrote the first half quickly. Around the cadenza I was stuck for a few months until I finally found some inspiration in a new friend of mine. The musicians in the recording were great and were able to produce what you hear on a time constraint. Let me know which composer(s) you think I was trying to imitate. I hope you enjoy!
  11. This is a Classical symphony I recently finished. I started off with the idea of writing something in the style of Stamitz and the Mannheim school, but more Haydn/Mozart influence came in as I went along. It's not really a pastiche, though; there are some harmonic things in the developments that are not really characteristic of the style, and it's very much written with modern instruments in mind. Any feedback would be most appreciated.
  12. hello everyone, i m back with my new piece, just listen to it, appreciate it and comment on it.
  13. Hi everyone! Here's my piece for flute, violin, cello, and piano, called "Mystic Lands". It's a rondo, but when the A section returns, the instrumentation, harmony, and accompaniment are changed. I also wrote it for a class, so I had to use different harmonic techniques for each section: -For the opening section, I used static harmony/pedal tones. -Letter A uses polychords with major and minor triads. -Letter B uses added note chords. -Letter C uses polychords consisting of seventh chords, quartal structures, quintal structures, and clusters. -Letter D uses compound chords (meaning various intervals are combined to create a non-tertian voicing). Hope you all enjoy!
  14. Hello The childhood period was short. I am remember joys, pains and suffering in the latest the childhood period. I wish it composition be lovely for you and share it to your best friends.
  15. This one is I newly composed, hope you like it.
  16. These are my other two piano solos composed recently, wish you like them. And @Monarcheon, welcome your commentation.
  17. Hi guys, This is my first time posting on this site, it looks to be a great place for composers. I'd like to share with you the second movement of my first piano concerto, I'm eager to hear what you think. Unfortunately it's recorded through Sibelius so it doesn't sound all that authentic. Thanks, P. M. Joyce
  18. This sketch was up to study how to write instrumental accompaniment for a simple chorus, how to write different variations of a melody, and of course, what sequence I should use. The lyrics are from the medieval ages by Albert Csanády, and it could be used as a sentence of a Christmas oratorio, or something like that. Again, I say it's just an attempt or sketch that I upload, and I'm up to get adives or criticism, in order to get the accompainment, the melody or the sequence better, according to classical construction style. Thank you!
  19. Here is another chamber sonata in three movements, this time for flute and piano. Let me know what you think!
  20. Here is a piece based upon earlier motifs I had written long ago. I composed the lyrics, as well as translated them into Italian as best as I know (I think they're pretty close, if not let me know). Instead of the terrible midi choir I have, I utilized the flute voice, as it not only sounds better, but it can actually sound some of the piece's notes (the choral patch cannot hit the higher notes for some reason). I wrote this piece for a friend of mine who is an operatic soprano (she is able to hit the higher notes written). Let me know what you think! UPDATE: This piece has been changed and moved into an updated collection here ------>
  21. Here is another air for soprano and piano. Once again, the soprano voice is played by a flute (as both the range of the actual midi soprano has a more limited range and it sounds worse.) I also have the piano played by strings, as I think it sounds better. Let me know what you think! UPDATE: This piece has been changed and moved into an updated collection here ------>
  22. Hey everyone! Please let me share a newly recorded version of my composition "The Sea". Don't know If this is the right place for it, but it's a guitar composition so I thought It would fit well in the chamber music althought it's not a typical chamber music piece. There's a nice story behind this, I was at the summer vacation in Croatia and I once brought my guitar to the beach with me, it was in the late evening and the beach was all empty. And while I was listening to the waves and playing some harmonies that had the "sea feel" to me, a family of strangers sat so near to me as If they wanted to listen to my playing while watching the sea. After a while they left and so I thought that maybe they didn't like it, but they soon came back to the exactly same place near to me with a blanket and stayed there until I left. So I thought If they like it, I should make a composition out of what I was playing and this is it. It's played by me and the waves in the background are recorded in Ireland by my friend. I hope you'll enjoy! :)
  23. Guest

    Opus 12

    My first orchestral piece finally done! Opus 12 is written for modified orchestral ensemble consisting of : Piano, Woodwinds : flute, oboe, A clarinet Brass : French horn Percussion instruments : glockenspiel, vibraphone, tubular bells, triangle Strings : violins 1, violins 2, violas, violoncellos and contrabasses. and harp. Composition consists of first part (moderato - E major/C sharp minor), second part (F major/D minor) and third part - modified first part. Since I'm a complete amateur high school student, any helpful hints and comments are very welcomed! Score in PDF format coming soon. For more music please visit : https://www.reverbnation.com/mademoisellelilaclucrezia
  24. This is a brief, fast-paced piece for the cello and piano. I'm haven't written much in the way of chamber music, but let me know what you guys think!
  25. Some work I composed. Always looking for new opportunities. www.carldoesmusic.com
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