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  1. This is the 11th year of the MusicTeacherGifts.com Annual Youth Composition Competition for ages 10 through 18 (or students not yet in college). The three age divisions judged are 1) under age 15, 2) ages 15 and 16 and 3) ages 17 and 18. This year we have a new prize added to our list for the senior winner. A weekend pass to the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN. Additional donors include Performers Music of Chicago, SheetMusicPlus.com and MusicTeacherGifts.com Feel free to send any questions to Becky@MusicTeacherGifts.com
  2. The 13th annual Musicworks Electronic Music Composition Contest Opens August 1, 2023 For immediate release: Toronto, Canada, August 1, 2023—The thirteenth annual Musicworks Electronic Music Composition Contest opens August 1, 2023. We invite you to share the with your readers, audiences, and communities. Our annual juried contest spotlights new musical talent from around the world, offering cash prizes and opportunities to be heard and published. In 2022, we received 179 submissions from across North America, as well as from Brazil, Greece, Ukraine, and many more places. First prize: C$500, a composer profile in Musicworks in 2024, and the composition released on the accompanying Musicworks CD. Second prize: C$200 and composer coverage on musicworks.ca in 2024. Third prize: C$100 and composer coverage on musicworks.ca in 2024. Marcelle Deschênes Prize in Electronic Music / prix Marcelle Deschênes pour la musique électronique: C$300 and a composer profile in 2024. This prize is open to entrants who self-identify as female or non-binary. Compose and submit an experimental piece in any electronic-music genre—acousmatic, electroacoustic, glitch, soundscape, intelligent dance music (IDM), turntable art, or video music. The contest is open to entries from anywhere in the world and from artists at any stage of their careers. Pieces must be previously unpublished (i.e. not released on a commercially available recording at the time of submission). Maximum length: 10 minutes. Accepted file types: MP3 or MP4 only. Contest entry fee: C$30. Unlimited additional entries are C$5 each. All entrants receive a one-year print subscription to Musicworks ($44–$59 value). Contest closes October 31, 2023. Prize details, eligibility, assessment criteria, rules and restrictions, and the entry portal can be found at musicworks.ca Please note: cash prizes and entry fees are listed in Canadian dollars.
  3. The Pancho Vladigerov House Museum announces the Second International SYN(es)THESIS Competition for a musical composition, inspired by a painting. Candidates have the opportunity to choose one of many pre-selected paintings, write a musical work inspired by the painting, and win one of four monetary awards and a recording of their work by the SYN(es)THESIS ensemble. The competition is part of the SYN(es)THESIS Project and is organized in collaboration with the “P. Vladigerov” National Academy of Music and the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. Concept of the competition: In previous stages of the project, 35 paintings, all of which inspired by musical works by well-established Bulgarian composers, were created by young artists studying at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. Each participant at the Composition Competition will choose one of these paintings to serve as inspiration for their own musical composition. All compositions must be 3-10 minutes in length and must be written for one or more instruments from the following list: piano, marimba (or vibraphone - choose only one percussion instrument), violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, and clarinet. Eligibility: The competition is open to participants of any nationality up to 40 years of age. Submission deadline: September 30, 2022 The jury of the competition – comprised of faculty from the “Prof. P. Vladigerov” National Academy of Music and of respected unaffiliated musicians – will select 6-10 compositions (the works of the “finalists”) to be performed by the SYN(es)THESIS ensemble at a concert in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia on October 31, 2022. At this concert, the jury will select the three winners of the competition, and a vote for the Special Prize of the Audience will be cast. The concert will be recorded, and the recordings will be distributed to the finalists. Awards: I Prize – 1000 lv. II Prize – 600 lv. III Prize – 400 lv. Special Prize of the Audience – 500 lv. Registration – please read the information below: Due to the nature of the project, participation will be granted to candidates only after they register. To register, each candidate must send a message to museum@vladigerov.org, after which they will receive a link to a folder with the images of the paintings. Each candidate will then choose one of the paintings and will inform the SYN(es)THESIS team of their choice, thus “claiming” the painting. Paintings will be distributed on a “first-come-first-serve” basis; each painting can be claimed by no more than two people, at which point it will be taken down. Therefore, candidates are encouraged to register with the SYN(es)THESIS team as soon as they choose to participate in order to ensure a wider array of choices for their own work. Registration fee: 30 Euro (60 leva, payable up to four weeks after registration); instructions on payment options will be sent by e-mail. Each candidate can register up to two times, which would allow them to “claim” up to two paintings/submit two compositions. Registration e-mail: museum@vladigerov.org The SYN(es)THESIS project was founded in 2021. It aims to build a bridge between several arts through a multitude of interconnections, mutual influences, and the juxtaposition of perceptions and experiences. The sessions planned for 2022 include four main components: the creation of paintings inspired by classical music, the composition of musical works inspired by paintings, the preparation of scenes with pantomime based on musical compositions, and the composition of music for a short film.
  4. This is a piece I wrote for a competition in my area. I entered it in the vocal ensemble category, here is the description I had to write for my submission: "The poem which was used as the text for this piece deals with themes of heaviness and despair. While the music is written in the major, a mode some would consider to have connotations of lightness, it is here used to convey a sense of hopeful melancholy. The poem speaks of a weight associated with winter, and of a despair and questioning of existence. Due to this, it could be that Emily Dickinson was describing a kind of seasonal depression, a heaviness that’s associated with winter and is easier to bring to mind when your surroundings suggest it. Another reading is that she is speaking on the inevitability of death, and how that sense of despair is an unavoidable part of the human experience." Please let me know what you think of it, feedback is extremely valuable to me and I really like hearing other peoples thoughts on my music. There's a certain Slant of light.mp3
  5. The Florence Price Commission Competition In the summer of 2020, in response to a generous gift from long time singer, patron, and former Board Chair Diane Kresh, the WMC board approved the creation of the annual Florence Price Commission Competition, offering a $5,000.00 commission to promote and celebrate Black Americans’ contributions to the field of choral music. The competition is named after the first African American woman to be nationally recognized as a symphonic composer. In its inaugural year (2022) the Price competition welcomes applications from all Black trans women, Black cis women, and Black non-binary people that are early-to mid-career American composers. The competition will open to all early- to mid-career Black American composers in odd-numbered years. The first public Call for Scores is scheduled for January 14th, 2022 and will be open until Florence Price’s birthday, April 9th, 2022. To apply or find more information, please visit our website – https://www.washingtonmasterchorale.org/florence-m-price-commission-competition/ Reader Interactions
  6. Hello YOUNG COMPOSERS! Many of you may know me as a former administrator on Young Composers (4 to 5 years ago, to be exact). I am now the founder and owner of a fresh online radio station. The mission of our station is the promotion of modern classical music by today's new and emerging composers (including yourselves.) Our station recently completed a call for works that have netted over 6000 live recordings from composers all over the world. As part of our development, we are looking for catchy, innovative, and appropriate jingles to fit our broadcast lineup. Thus, we turn to the next generation of composers - you! Requirements: 1. Can be for any instrumentation 2. Must be either a realistic rendering or live. 3. Must be between 30 secs to 1 minute in length. 4. Must incorporate the words Et Lux Radio (either spoken or sung) 5. Must be original music. We are looking for 3 different jingles of varying styles! Each of the three jingles will be rewarded with incorporation into our broadcast lineup, mention on our FB page, and possible cash prizes soon to be determined and announced. NOTE: This competition is only open to members of the YC forum. I will be viewing entrants profiles to insure steady activity within the forum -so please DO NOT create a member profile just to enter, your work will not be selected. Thanks and Good LUCK! -Jason A Woodruff, Founder -Et Lux Radio
  7. Instruments INDIA Sample Pack – Young Creator’s Competition We have prepared a selection of samples from our Instruments INDIA sample pack, making them freely available for you to download and create new non-commercial tracks to submit to our competition. This competition is aimed at young producers and musicians age 14-21, to experiment and create new music of any style or genre with samples of Indian instruments. The sample pack showcases the beautiful sounds of Indian instruments, performed by renowned Indian musicians in partnership with Milap – the UK’s leading Indian arts development hub. The sample pack includes a selection of one-shots and loops, and you are free to use as little or as many samples as you like in your creations. A shortlist will be selected by an expert judging panel, and these works will feature in an online concert later this year as part of Milap’s online event series. During this event, three winners will be announced for the age categories 14-17 (UK-based), 18-21 (UK-based), and 14-21 (International Award). There will be a £500 award for the winner of each category. Those shortlisted will be asked to provide proof of age and residence. If you would like to take part, please email Hayley Suviste (hayleysuviste@milap.co.uk) for a download link for the free sample pack. The deadline to apply is 11pm on Wednesday 18th August 2021. Please make your submission via our online submission form. Artists & Instruments When creating your new works, make sure to engage with and learn about the instruments that feature in the sample pack – learn about the instruments, their history and culture, and the musicians that provided the samples. Let this inform your creativity! Each instrument has its own information page on the Instruments INDIA website, click on the links below to find out more about them. Aditi Sen – Ghungroo Prathap Ramachandra – Ghatam, Kanjira & Konnakol Kirpal Panesar – Dilruba & Tar Shehnai Kousic Sen – Tabla Rajeeb Chakraborty – Sarod Rekesh Chauhan – Harmonium Raaheel Husain – Hindustani Vocal (Male) and Sitar Shyla Shanmugalingam – Veena Tarun Bhattacharya – Santoor Yarlinie Thanabalasingam – Carnatic Vocal (Female) Ganesan S – Udukkai & Sangu E – Tanpura Find out more about these instruments and the musicians on the Instruments INDIA website Rules/Entry Requirements Free to enter Create a track using only the samples provided in the sample pack. You may not use synths or extra samples to create sounds. The sounds in the sample pack must be the only sound sources/generators. Any genre or style of music is accepted Tracks must be between 2-4 minutes in length You may submit only one track These samples are for use in this competition only, not for commercial use Engage with the Instruments INDIA website, to learn about the instruments that feature in the pack and the musicians that have performed them. Let this inform your creativity! Deadline: 11pm on Wednesday 18th August 2021 Please remember these samples are for non-commercial use only, you are free to share your new works, but you must give credit to the Instruments INDIA project. By downloading these samples, you agree to these terms and not to use these samples in any commercial activity, such as a release or sale of these samples. How to submit your work Please submit your music via our submission form by 11pm on Wednesday 18th August 2021.
  8. I don't know why more people don't want to do competitions, you're GUARANTEED peer review and a bigger platform to share your music. I'm open to any ideas, I'm thinking solo piano or something similar and simple. Let me know if you're interested and in about a week we'll see who wants to participate and what theme we should use etc. etc. If there are obvious skill differences then we could break it up into groups, but come on people let's get a good group together and see what we all come up with.
  9. Ninth Plant New Music is excited to announce the 35th annual Suzanne and Lee Ettelson Composer’s Award. An award of $1,000 will be given for a new chamber work. The winning work will be performed in the San Francisco Bay Area during Ninth Planet's 2020-21 concert season. Works not awarded prizes will also be considered for programming. This award is excellent for young and emerging composers! Past winners have included now prolific composers such as Mason Bates, Jennifer Higdon, and David Lang. For details and to enter, please visit our website: http://www.ninthplanetmusic.org/ettelson.html Entries may be scored for one to five performers plus conductor. Performers shall be drawn from the core instrumentation of the ensemble Ninth Planet (one player each): flute/piccolo/alto flute clarinet/bass clarinet trombone electric guitar piano violin cello double bass Scoring may include one or two instruments not listed above, including voice(s) and electronics, but must include at least one member of the core instrumentation. There is no limit to piece length. Entry deadline is Jan. 19, 2020.
  10. Dear all, This work is written as an Entry piece for the Poor Form Competition. Please check the playlist in Soundcloud: It's again a long time since I upload any of my new works. And yes, I faced many personal and social challenges, and probably I reflected those frustrations and fear in this piece. For the (fantasized) story, here is a short plot: Mov I - Born in Chaos: It is depicting the early life of the Prince born in a falling and chaotic empire. The Prince (As in the heroic theme, uplifting as in Strauss's Poems) is the only thing that gives hope for the empire. The rest of the passages are all dark and spreading horrors, mimicking wars and famines. Mov II - Prince's Troops: The Prince is now a young leader of the empire. The troops he recruit show their power to his people and march to the battlefield. Mov III - Rite for the Dead: The Prince has won the battle and settle the threats. In remembrance of the dead, he holds a ritual for them to praise their contributions. All souls are remembered and blessed. I am enjoying this challenge and I hope you enjoy this work, too! I have planned to write more movements on this theme, but due to the deadline I shall submit these 3 first. (Tell me if you think there can be more! :D) Best, HoYin
  11. Hi, i want to share our competition with you. It´s my first posting so please help me if i did something wrong 🙂 Write the Super hit! Inspire the audience with your music and win prize money totaling 11.000€ with your composition – take part in the Progressive Classical Music Award 2019! Compose new music for two violins that goes under the skin and sweeps audiences off their feet. There is no limit to your imagination. Using virtuosity or simply great emotionality– always remember that the audience has to be touched or carried away! The style does not matter. Playing technique should be challenging, unconventional, with new effects, nice melodies, extreme sounds or hot rhythms – let your imagination run wild! Orchestration: 2 violins. Form: about 5 minute music. Info: The work has to be composed for this competition. Adaption or arrangements are not permitted. Multiple submissions are allowed. Closing date for entries: 5. July 2019, 23:59 CET Finale with LiveStream: September 28, 2019, 20:00 CET, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen D5, 68159 Mannheim UNESCO City of Music, Germany Prizes 1. Prize: 5.000€, sponsored by Spiegel Institut Mannheim 2. Prize: 3.000€, attribution pending 3. Prize: 1.000€, sponsored by Ingenieurbüro Bräuer + Späh 4. Prize: 800€, sponsored by Dr. Hans-Oskar Koch 5. Prize: 600€, sponsored by GMS CNC-Technik 6. Prize: 600€, sponsored by GMS CNC-Technik Additionally, the prizewinner works will be recorded by The Twiolins and added to their concert repertoire. Course After a thorough examination by the jury, six works will be selected from all submissions. These will be premiered in the prize winner concert by The Twiolins. Following the concert, the audience will vote on the awards. Additionally the prizewinner works will be recorded professionally on a CD. For details see terms and conditions. Registration Please read the terms and conditions. Please use the registration form to submit your composition. FAQ & more information Please visit the website at https://www.pcm-award.com/en/award-2019/announcement-2019/
  12. Hello everybody! At the moment the Young Composers website does not have a logo, nor a favicon. So, Chopin and I came on the idea to hold a logo AND a favicon design for the website. This competition is meant to everybody who is a YC member and you do not have to be a professional designer to join. Be as creative as you want! All submitted designs will be showed in the first Young Composers Magazine. After the publishing of this, all YC members can vote which one they like the most. Finally, Chopin can adjust minor things if needed. To avoid any ambiguities: Logo: will be placed somewhere between the header. The header would be considered anything above the navigation tabs. So that little bit of area between the tabs and the top of the page. Favicon: the icon that is shown to the left of the address bar in any of the browsers. For instance: http://www.shopalot.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/example-favicon.jpg A square form is preferred, because Chopin can then easily resize both images if the are too big to fit the header and / or the favicon. The name Young Composers needs to be included. Deadline Offical deadline is the 1st of October. Eventual latecomers can be rejected. How to participate Answer the poll with yes. If you do not want to participate, do not answer the poll. Submit your designs After you have finished both designs, make sure that you send a PRIVATE MESSAGE to @chopin and me. This is to avoid any cheating regarding creativity. All posts including images with designs by logos publically posted will be deleted. Your submission needs to contain a brief motivation why you have made the designs as they are. Voting via the magazine All submitted designs will be showed in the first Young Composers Magazine. After the publishing of this, all YC members can vote via a new topic in this forum which one they like the most. Reward Eternal fame. People visiting the forum will see the beautiful logo and icon designed by you. When there are any questions, just ask them here and Chopin or I will answer them. The best of luck! Kind regards, Chopin & Maarten Bauer
  13. Musicworks’ 2018 Electronic Music Composition Contest is now open. Musicworks’ annual juried contest spotlights new musical talent from around the world and offers cash prizes and opportunities to be published and heard. First prize is $500 CDN, a composer profile in Musicworks 133, Spring 2019 issue (both in print and online) and the composition released on the Musicworks 133 CD. Second prize is $200 CDN and composer coverage on musicworks.ca in 2019. Third prize is $100 CDN and composer coverage on musicworks.ca in 2019. Compose an experimental piece in any electronic-music genre—acousmatic, electroacoustic, glitch, soundscape, intelligent dance music (IDM), turntable art, or video music. The contest is open to entries from anywhere in the world and from artists at any stage of their careers. Pieces must be previously unpublished, i.e. not released on a commercially available recording at the time of submission. Maximum length:10 minutes. Accepted file types: MP3 or MP4 only. Contest entry fee is $25 CDN and includes a one-year subscription to Musicworks—less than our normal subscription rate! Additional entries are $5 each, unlimited. Contest closes October 26, 2018. Prize details, eligibility and assessment criteria, rules and restrictions, and entry portals can be found at musicworks.ca
  14. This is a Link on this website to Shelia's post about a competition, thought I would share in this sub-forum: @pateceramics
  15. My submission for the Winter Competition. It was written pretty hastily over the past week or so, after previous attempts for the competition didn't pan out. All things considered, I liked where it went in the time that I had to write it. I hope you enjoy it.
  16. YOUNG COMPOSERS COMPETITION EMOTIONS Hi everyone! Last year’s winter competition was a little bit laid back so I thought about doing a similar thing this time. Instead of stories, we’re going to do what artists do best and express our emotions! This may sound like a little bit of a happy-go-lucky competition idea, but it’s simply meant to be relatively freeform, but specific enough where the composer should learn a little bit more about themselves, and the listener should learn a little more about them. I hope you all enjoy looking within yourself and showing us all how your life plays out through emotions… what drives you, motivates you, and forces you away. Let your music do its job! ELIGIBILITY: *You must be a member of the Young Composers forum in order to enter. Sign ups will be in the comments below. *There will again be no limits to instrumentation, but a smaller ensemble is encouraged, for a more personal feeling. Extra points will not be given for smaller ensembles. *The minimum length for this competition will be 6 minutes. The maximum is 30 minutes. *You must have some sort of audio rendition accompanying your work, otherwise your entry will be disqualified. *A score is required, but is not as heavy a focus as previous competitions. If you want to enter and are not proficient at engraving, message @Monarcheon. *If you volunteer to be a judge, you may not enter as a contest participant. *Entrants should have an intermediate understanding of engraving and orchestration. *Entrants may only submit one work. RULES AND SCORING: Submit a score that represents and answers the following questions: “How does this emotion feel within me?” | “How do I outwardly express this emotion?” Competitors are expected to deal with at least 3 emotions throughout the piece. This can either be in programmatic sections or in one arc-like movement. Here, much like last time, you will be judged on your ability to effectively develop thematic material (/25), and your ability to answer the two questions in such a way where the audience can understand it (/25). The more technically based compositional aspects are judged here. These aspects include score quality (/10), audio file quality (/10), and orchestration (/15). Finally, submit a written component answering the above two questions for every emotion you deal with in the piece (/15). This should include what techniques you used to demonstrate certain aspects of each, keys, styles, or anything else you feel is prudent. You are graded on how easy it is to match your written description and you piece. TOTAL: /100 Deadline for Intended Entry: March 10th Deadline for Piece Entry: March 17th Scoring Deadline: March 20th PRIZES: All entrants receive detailed feedback on their works. The winner’s piece will be placed in the YC Competition Hall of Fame. It is possible that winners receive a full year’s subscription compensation to Sibelius, but we are still working on that (THIS FINAL PRIZE IS NOT GUARANTEED). HAVE FUN WITH THIS!! Good luck! Judges: @Monarcheon @MusicianXX12 Entrants: @oingo86 @Noah Brode @Rabbival507 @Gustav Johnson @celloman99 @Some Guy That writes Music
  17. I am writing music for our school. We are participating in the Grampian's Children's Book Awards and my group have asked me to write some music. This is just the first draft, any criticisms welcome!
  18. Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition http://www.mauricio-kagel-composition-competition.com Considering the relative overabundance of piano literature, it would be seemingly foolhardy to stage a composition competition promoting the creation of new pieces for piano. Everything appears to exist already, even pieces for children and young adults. Still, far too frequently it is precisely this contemporary „educational literature“ which proves lacking in artistic qualities; accompanying a reduction in technical difficulty, with an objectionable reduction in the notion of what children and young adults are capable of understanding – both intellectually and emotionally. We are looking for piano pieces written for children and young adults which, although limited in their technical difficulty, remain uncompromising in their artistic aim; pieces written with a contemporary compositional technique which offer the young student stimulus, insight and new experiences: experiences about oneself and the world in which we live. With the creation of this competition, the Ludwig van Beethoven Department of Piano and Harpsichord in Music Education would like to ensure that such quality pieces are more prevalent in the future and to this end we invite composers to accept the challenge by enrolling in the competition. In the course of a week’s time an audience comprised of students, teachers, and performing artists will be given the chance to listen as the jury evaluates the different ways this challenge has been addressed by the composers. The jury will assess not only the artistic quality of the pieces, but also the question: what does a piano student learn from these pieces? And in addition the discussion will cover what makes a piece exciting and what is future-oriented; while at the same time never loosing sight of the technical limits implied when composing for children and young adults. The decision of the Jury to award the prizes within the course of the Maurico Kagel composition competition is reached, therefore, in a very special way – not behind closed doors, but in open and public discussion. The winning pieces will be technically suitable for children/young adults but will not compromise their artistic aim in order to make a pedagogical impact. Instead, they will be convincing due to their compositional quality. General Conditions Conditions for Participation a) The competition is open to all composers born after August 15th, 1978. Participants who were awarded prizes in 2010, 2013 and 2016 are no longer eligible to enter. b) The submitted score should be composed for this competition. The composition must not be older than three years and should not have been performed privately or publicly, copied, distributed, broadcasted or made accessible on the internet. c) Each composer may submit only one score in its entirety and not in part. Details of the composition The composition should be written for one piano (solo or for more than one pianist), and can include all facets of the instrument. It is of great importance that the pieces be appropriate in their level of difficulty for children / young adults and be suitable for pedagogical use. Therefore the pianistic difficulties and musical challenges should be conceived with children / young adults in mind. The score is expected to be comprehensible and clear. Instructions for performance must be written in German or English. The piece or group of pieces is expected to have a total length of between 6 and 15 minutes. Applications a) The participants are to send an envelope marked on the outside with a freely chosen five-digit code which will secure the anonymity of the participant. The envelope should contain: 1. six copies of the piano score - each annotated with the same five-digit code. The composer's name should not appear on the score 2. an additional sealed envelope marked with the same code and containing the composer's personal data, a short curriculum vitae and two recent photos. b) All entries must be postmarked no later than August 15th, 2018 and should be addressed to: Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien Ludwig van Beethoven Institut für Klavier und Cembalo in der Musikpädagogik Rennweg 8 1030 Wien Österreich Jury Michael Jarrell Isabel Mundry Robert HP Platz Rebecca Saunders Marco Stroppa • From the entries received, each jury member will nominate several pieces to be included in the Vienna Days of Contemporary Piano Music 2019 (February 4th - 7th, 2019), openly discussed by the jurors and considered for a prize. • The presentation of the prizes will take place on the 7th of February, 2019 during the Vienna Days of Contemporary Piano Music 2019. • The organizers reserve the right to find replacement jury members as seen necessary. • The jury is free in its decision making. All decisions of the jury are final and indisputable. There can be no appeal against the jury’s judgement. Prizes 1st Prize € 5.000.- 2nd Prize € 3.000.- 3rd Prize € 2.000.- The jury may decide to divide the prizes or not to award a prize. Winning scores will be published together in a volume entitled K2019. Additionally, the jury may create a list of recommended pieces. The Ludwig van Beethoven Department of Piano and Harpsichord in Music Education will release digital recordings of the prize winning pieces and selected recommendations from the jury. Legal Information Scores received cannot be returned. The organizers of the competition cannot be held responsible for post which arrives damaged, goes astray or is delivered late. Registration for the competition and the submission of scores implies the unconditional acceptance of all conditions set forth herein. The composers of the submitted scores retain their rights as copyright holders. The Ludwig van Beethoven Department of Piano and Harpsichord in Music Education retains the right to visually and acoustically document, record and reproduce all concerts, performances and presentations held during the course of the competition and the subsequent Vienna Days of Contemporary Piano Music for the purpose of advertising the competition. The musical works enshrined in those sound and/or audiovisual recordings may be copied, distributed, performed, combined with other kinds of works, broadcasted and made available to the public free of charge without limitation to time, space or scope, as long as those recordings are used for non-commercial purposes. In case the author is represented by a collective management society, she or he has to see to the formalities according to the applicable rules of the respective societies in order to be able to grant a licence for non-commercial purposes prior to the recording. This licence is transmissible to third persons. In case of an intended use for commercial ends, the rightsholder has to grant the respective permission. Litigation is excluded as a possibility for settling disputes arising in connection with the competition. http://www.mauricio-kagel-composition-competition.com
  19. Variation Project is calling for submission. We are looking to find 5-10 newly composed variations on the canon that was used to compose “Goldberg Variations” by J. S Bach. The canon can be found https://ilyafriedberg.com/variation-project/ Each variation should last between 1 to 6 minutes. You can submit as many variations as you wish, as long as it is done separately. We are launching this exciting project to extend JS Bach’s Goldberg Variation by adding 20-30 newly composed variations. With successful fund raising (please spread the word!) and lots of interests, we hope to bring new freshness to this work. The selections will be made anonymously, purely based on the work. The project assistant will receive the submissions and transfer the anonymous scores for review. The submission to the Variation Project is free. I have decided to fund the project purely from crowdfunding because I wanted to make it possible for composers to submit their works without monetary pressure. So please do spread the word to your fellow supporters of new music and performance. This is the first of hopefully many more projects to discover new composers and their works. In order for this project to come to life, I will need lots of submission AND support thru kickstarter, see details https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/canon/bach-variations-and-more?ref=email The composer of the winning work will receive a professionally produced sound and audio recording of the performance $250 reward The project’s webpage is https://ilyafriedberg.com/variation-project/ Please check the page periodically to be informed of possible new updates. Any information or questions not found can be directed to jconcertseries@gmail.com ELIGIBILITY: Any composer is eligible regardless of age, nationality, sex, color, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or veteran status. TO APPLY: 1. Each entry of one (1) anonymous score must be emailed in pdf format to jconcertseries@gmail.com (subject: “VariationProjectBach”) along with: a. An info sheet (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, or .txt ) with composer’s name, length of work, short bio (no more than one page), and contact information GUIDELINES: 1. Application Deadline: All submissions must be received by 11 :59 pm EST on January 05, 2018. Entries received after this date will not be considered. 2. Regardless of the fact that the project can only be materialized with successful funding, you are welcome to submit your work before December 3, 2017. 3. Composers may submit as many entries as they wish, but separate submission will be required. (only one variation per email) 4. A $250 reward is per variation (ex. If two or more winning variations come from the same composer, the reward will still be given $250/one variation) 5. No name or any personal information should appear anywhere on the submitted score or the subject/body of the email. Any submission with identifying information will be disqualified from the selection and will not be reviewed. 6. Works that require extended piano technique is accepted and encouraged, you may use pre-recorded track to go along with the performance as well. 6. The winning composition will be announced on February 01, 2018. 7. The results will be announced on the project website and winning composers will be contacted individually. 8. Please see the FAQ below for the most commonly asked questions. Any additional questions may only be sent to jconcertseries@gmail.com. Note: Please do NOT send submission materials or any questions to the kickstarter page, generall email address, social media or contact personally, as this will violate the fairness of the selection process. FAQ: Q: Can the variation be longer than 6 minutes? A: No. Every submission must have a duration between 1 to 6 minutes. I am hoping to have the final project (original+ new variations) no longer than 2:30 hours total. Q: Can I submit a work that includes other instruments or electronics? A: No, you cannot include other instruments but you may submit your variation with an pre-recorded audio track. Deadline: 05 Jan 2018 11: 59 pm EST Entry Fee: 0.00 (Your word of mouth will be greatly appreciated for funding of the project!) Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)
  20. Hello everyone, Thank you to all the entrants for your hard work in completing the Summer 2017 Competition! The judges -- Maarten Bauer and myself -- have also worked very hard since the submission deadline to provide you with helpful critiques and commentary. Detailed commentary will be posted below. Everyone should be proud of themselves for their good work. Without further ado, here are the final scores for the Summer 2017 Competition: - Monarcheon: (TIED FOR FIRST PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 40 / 50 Noah Brode: 44 / 50 TOTAL: 84 / 100 - Punintentional: (TIED FOR FIRST PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 40 / 50 Noah Brode: 44 / 50 TOTAL: 84 / 100 - Luis Hernandez: (THIRD PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 37 / 50 Noah Brode: 42 / 50 TOTAL: 79 / 100 - Gustav Johnson: (FOURTH PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 35 / 50 Noah Brode: 40 / 50 TOTAL: 75 / 100 - luderart: (FIFTH PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 32 / 50 Noah Brode: 35 / 50 TOTAL: 67 / 100
  21. This is my entry for the forum's summer competition. The 4 pieces in the suite are based on the following abstract expressionist art: 'Vir Heroicus Sublimis' by Barnett Newman https://www.moma.org/collection/works/79250 'Autumn Rhythm' by Jackson Pollock http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/57.92/ 'PH-129' by Clyfford Still https://clyffordstillmuseum.org/object/ph-129/ 'Landscape at Stanton Street' by Willem de Kooning http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/kooning-landscape-at-stanton-street-p77158 Here are the score-videos for each the pieces. 'Vir Heroicus Sublimis' https://youtu.be/q9g-3ff7m24 (for this piece, I'd strongly recommend reading the program note at the beginning of the video before listening to it) 'Autumn Rhythm' https://youtu.be/vTQBn4VWz4c 'PH-129' https://youtu.be/IgPXB1T1cRg 'Landscape at Stanton Street' https://youtu.be/iB8_38S7jdY There's also a YouTube playlist of all the score-videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5bWnXp9PjtS8mePM3xsTz5ebT3z8ZxWp NB: The full program note is in the pdf score.
  22. YOUNG COMPOSERS COMPOSITION COMPETITION Summer of 2017 Welcome to the 2nd official summer competition! It’s a time to go outside and see the sun, concerts, murals, dance, and all things relaxing, and we’re hoping to capture the essence of that for this competition. Modest Mussorgsky famous wrote his piece, “Pictures at an Exhibition”, written after Viktor Hartmann’s paintings of travel were shown at an exhibition in his honor. While some are lost, we’ve been treated to many different musical renderings of different art in the past, including literature, art, and even dance, retrospectively. This competition will have composers engage in all kinds of art in new ways, and create new works that cross and defy different mediums and genres! GOAL: Create a suite of 4-9 pieces based on different works of visual art (painting, oil on canvas, sculpture, architecture, etc.), a la “Pictures at an Exhibition”. These works of art should be connected in some way, though this criteria requirement is arbitrary by design to encourage the creativity of composers. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: *Be a member of YC. *Signal your desire to enter by September 10th by commenting on this thread. *Submit your entry by September 17th (11:59:59 PST), provided you signaled your desire to entry correctly. *At the time of submission, submit an audio mockup (MIDIs are acceptable). *We also want members of this site to volunteer their time to judge. If you do volunteer, I ask that you have some working knowledge of art and orchestration. *One piece per composer. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: At the time of submission submit a PDF with: *all art works used, labeled with the artist and the date. *a short, written description of the criteria linking the art you chose. *a written description of the relevance of each artistic work to each movement. Your piece should include: *4-9 short movements all labeled with the titles of each work at the top of each. *Any ensemble you desire. *A run time of no less than 5 minutes and no more than 45. SCORING: Met the minimum/maximum art piece requirement (disqualification if invalid) Submitted a PDF with all the necessary materials (disqualification if invalid) Sound orchestration /15 Good art -> music relevance, according to the composer and judge, individually /15 Sound quality of recording /10 Score quality /10 Please let me know if you’d like to enter as a participant or judge in the comments. Good luck! For composers who want to compete but aren't totally sure about art, this is a good guide to start: http://www.visual-arts-cork.com Entrants: 1. Monarcheon 2. bkho (potential) 3. Gustav Johnson 4. punintentional 5. mikelee531 6. Austenite 7. Rowan Abrey (potential) 8. Ilyankor 9. Luis Hernández 10. tmarko 11. luderart Judges: 1. Maarten Bauer 2. Noah Brode
  23. Young Composer’s Spring 2017 Competition Spring is in the air! This competition is going to be a little different than most others, and will be a based on the following scenario: A regional chamber orchestra is commissioning composers to orchestrate three spring months, specifically March, April, and May, from Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s piano work, The Seasons Op. 37a. The orchestra has the following instrumentation available: 2 Flutes (both can double piccolo) 2 Oboes (2nd oboe can double English horn) 2 Clarinets (Bb, A, Eb, bass clarinet doublings allowed) 2 Bassoons (2nd Bassoon can double Contrabassoon) 3 French Horns 2 Trumpets 1 Trombone 3 Percussionists (including timpani) 1 Harpist 8 1st Violins 7 2nd Violins 5 Violas 4 Celli 2 Contrabass TOTAL of 44 players The orchestration of all the movements must feature at least 14 players from the orchestra. Entries that exceed the instrumentation listed above (44 players) will be disqualified. Please try to keep the instrumentation as consistent as possible for all three movements. To enter this competition you must meet the following requirements: Be a member of YC Signal your desire to enter by May 15th by commenting on this thread. At the time of submission, submit a score with proving that you meet the instrumentation requirements (NO EXCEPTIONS), and an audio mockup (MIDIs are acceptable). We also want members of this site to volunteer their time to judge. If you do volunteer, I ask that you have some working knowledge of orchestration. Entries will be scored on the following (these guidelines are somewhat general at the moment, but might be expanded upon later): Orchestration - How well does the entrant write for his chosen ensemble? Does the entrant exploit different colors through different instrumental combinations? Does he add any originality to the work? 35 PTS Instrumentation - How well does the entrant write for each specific instrument? 30 PTS Quality of Score 25 PTS Quality of Audio 10 PTS TOTAL 100 PTS Please observe the following deadlines: Signal to enter or volunteer to judge: May 15th, 2017 Entries must be submitted by June 4th, 11:59 PM EST I have attached a PDF of the three movements in question to this thread. Happy orchestrating, and good luck! DO NOT SUBMIT ENTRIES ON THIS THREAD Entrants: 1. Monarcheon Judges:
  24. Disclaimer by Monarcheon: Congratulations and thank you to all competitors who put so much time and effort into their works. While we do prescribe winners for our competitions, it is so important to recognize the communal event’s purpose of having everyone strive to be their very best. There was no work submitted without merit and it was a pleasure to honor all submissions with my humble opinion. Disclaimer by danishali903: Congrats to all who participated! It was very entertaining to read your stories and hear your music. Since I've been busy for the past few months, my reviews are a little less detailed than they usually are for competitions. If you have any questions regarding your scores, or need more clarification about anything, please don't hesitate to PM me. ADRIAN QUINCE: danishali903: 94 Monarcheon: 85 GRAND TOTAL: 179/230 SENI-G: danishali903: 85 Monarcheon: 75 GRAND TOTAL: 160/230 SEBASTIANVIOLA: danishali903: 79 Monarcheon: 71 GRAND TOTAL: 150/230 CONNOR_HELMS: danishali903: 72 Monarcheon: 75.5 GRAND TOTAL: 147.5/230 NOAH BRODE: danishali903: 73 Monarcheon: 70 GRAND TOTAL: 143/230 CONGRATULATIONS ADRIAN QUINCE!
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