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  1. Just finished this piece recently. Any feedback is very much appreciated.
  2. Greetings. I listened to lots of waltzes and nocturnes, specially those which are composed by my most favorite composer, Chopin, and I couldn't find any "Form" or formula to make a nocturne or waltz. I have searched about Waltz, and I found it's a piece with 3/4 time signature, and one chord per measure. But, I really couldn't write anything sound like a waltz I heard before. And also, I couldn't find any guides or tutorials on writing a nocturne (I know that's "Music of the night", but anything about form or anything similar?) Thanks
  3. This piece was the inspiration for nocturne 2. It is meant to convey a depressing atmosphere. I'm sure there are several improvements. Feedback is appreciated.
  4. My fifth nocturne. Not too sure about some sections, like from measure 44. Of course let me know what you think and areas for improvements. Thanks.
  5. A fourth nocturne. This is the first time that I have tried to compose a dark piece. Not sure if it is decent or not. Feedback is of course appreciated thanks.
  6. Sorry if I am uploading too many pieces at a time. Let me know if I should stop. I was thinking of a misty view when writing this. Hopefully that suits the piece. The main theme doesn't really change that much so that may be a problem that needs sorted, but I'm not sure.
  7. I don't think this is really a nocturne, but I composed it with the night in mind. It doesn't really flow that well in my opinion, but not really sure how to fix that. Please do let me know where to improve, as I do think this piece does need to be changed.
  8. I have composed a few nocturnes. This is my first one. It is very simple. Any advice for how to improve is of course appreciated.
  9. I was just practicing music theory, and then, I decided to write something classic, and I tried to follow every rule I learned. Also, I could solve the problem "feeling incomplete" by using Cadence. I hope you enjoy!
  10. Maybe I should stop with the food joke. Idk, it's just that I've been composing music for over three years, and I count my music level as more than starving. I'm not over-fed though. There's my four hands nocturne. I composed it as a game ost (cause I really thought I could make a game). Please give it a listen and tell me what you think. *Yes, I know the bass line is repetitive. I composed it in a game-like style for a situation that nothing really happens. Try to listen with that in mind.
  11. Greetings. I composed this 40 seconds : It actually is what I understood from scores I have read. I know there are some problems in signs and slurs I used, so I shared it to know your opinion. Thanks!
  12. A little one Nocturno en Gm Partitura completa.pdf Nocturno en Gm - Nocturno en Gm.mp3
  13. Hello guys, This is my new piano composition. I hope you'll share your opinion with me. :)
  14. This is my new piano music, I hope you'll like it. Please share your opinion with me!
  15. This is a mixture of tonal music and Messiaen mode 7 with additions on my own. NOCTURNO copia - SCORE.pdf
  16. Another old composition of mine, back when I used to write by hand. Managed to digitize this one as well.
  17. This is a simple little piece in really no particular style or form. Happy to have any comments. Nocturne No 3 midi.mid
  18. This is another exploration into scales, as part of the Mediterranean Suite. Lucentum is the Roman name of my city, and means Light or Star... This city is very old. It seems to be founded by the Iberos (¿Iberians?). It was a Phoenician and a Greek colony (named Akra Leuka = White Coast). Afterwards a Roman city (Lucentum), and in 8th century the Arabs entered and stayed for 800 years, they gave the actual name: Alicante (from the Arab names: Ali and Cantara, who were a couple in love that ended in tragedy, of course). Well, this piece is a sort of nocturno with a tonal part in the beginning and in the ending. In the middle there is a development using a Lydian - Harmonic scale: first tetrachord is lydian, second one is harmonic. The generated chords make the mode moderately unstable (the tonic is stable Cmaj7 and there is a good cadential chord Bmin). In this part, what seem chromaticisms are, in fact, diatonic notes to the scale.
  19. I'm reposting a piece that I posted here in 2013...one of the first pieces I posted on this forum. This was composed for the March-April (when we had bi-monthly competitions); the theme I believe was to write something based on mythology. Not to brag and boast, but I won that competition. I chose to write a nocturne representing the Greek goddess of night, Nyx. I was inspired by the great French impressionists, and their influence clearly shows in this piece. The audio and score are a little messy, since the original file will not cooperate with the new finale, so I'll play around with cleaning both things up. Enjoy!
  20. This was the first nocturne I wrote, some tiem ago. It's in Emin, tonal but with some unusual progressions. In some parts I used an artificial scale (nor major, nor minor).
  21. Hallo my friends! In these days some of you have been uploading works for the Shakesperean YC-summer competition. They are all amazing. I'm surprised how a general theme provides inspiration for so different musical approaches. I still have to listen to some of them (some are large works). Meanwhile, I bring here a little nocturne. Usually, I write music at nights, I like it, and if I don't feel sleepy, I prefer to stay up and do something. This nocturne is in the simple form AA' with a brief transition in the middle.
  22. So this uploaded this piece a couple of months ago (original in the archives). I have added an another movement, and I think I can say now that this work is pretty complete (barring some minor revisions). Impromptus are collection of short orchestral pieces that I have written (on a whim basically) in the past year and a half. They consist of short movements each with a unique mood and form. The 3rd movement (the Berceuse) was inspired by a theme by Christian Perrotta (I'll link his original theme below). The instrumentation is fairly the same throughout the whole piece. Let me know what you guys think, and thanks for listening/commenting! Christian's theme: http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/listen/7827/Tema (Challenge No. 4)
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