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Found 123 results

  1. My first time using Stormdrum 2 by East West to produce those epic drums. Tried to do something different with those I haven't done before.
  2. Just trying to work around different sounds. Nothing too fancy I guess
  3. I'm reposting a piece that I posted here in 2013...one of the first pieces I posted on this forum. This was composed for the March-April (when we had bi-monthly competitions); the theme I believe was to write something based on mythology. Not to brag and boast, but I won that competition. I chose to write a nocturne representing the Greek goddess of night, Nyx. I was inspired by the great French impressionists, and their influence clearly shows in this piece. The audio and score are a little messy, since the original file will not cooperate with the new finale, so I'll play around with cleaning both things up. Enjoy!
  4. This is something for a project a friend and I are working on. I don't have all the film yet, but I've written out the themes and titles for the film. This is the "turning point" of the villain in the film, where he unleashes and lets loose. Since I don't have all the film, I haven't quite finished the track, but some feedback and thoughts would be nice. Mixing isn't my strong point, but let me know what you like and what I could do better! Thanks, y'all. Gustav Johnson p.s. The inspiration for this one came from a friend's bed-frame which produced 2 distinct pitches, so never stop looking for inspiration in the weird stuff!
  5. A fiddling piece for string orchestra with an adventurous twist to it. Yeehaw! :D
  6. Greetings Earthlings, Not having enough spare time and having to work for a living, regrettably I now have a collection of broken computers, a large stash of hard drives containing audio, notes, utility programs, samples; a lot. All my installation media too... I haven't suffered data loss thankfully, but the quantity is almost unmanageable. I'm hoping to have things organised at some time. I'm sorry not to have enough resources currently. I can still do some solo piano and suchlike and I will try to do some before long, but I have at least dug out a 45-second snip of a piece I was writing. This is the introduction. I did have around 1:35 of it done, but I can't find that. After the 45 seconds, there was, let's say, a sudden dramatic shift of tonality, and of mode (i.e. different scalar intervals). I look forward to continuing.
  7. Here's my 1st composition, which is based on a story I made up of a band of folk musicians gathering together to play music. I wrote music before; this one happened to be what I consider the first "complete" composition which can be called that. This is a gift to my middle school music teacher, who is really fond of fiddling music. Please share me your thoughts on this if you can!
  8. Guest

    Opus 12

    My first orchestral piece finally done! Opus 12 is written for modified orchestral ensemble consisting of : Piano, Woodwinds : flute, oboe, A clarinet Brass : French horn Percussion instruments : glockenspiel, vibraphone, tubular bells, triangle Strings : violins 1, violins 2, violas, violoncellos and contrabasses. and harp. Composition consists of first part (moderato - E major/C sharp minor), second part (F major/D minor) and third part - modified first part. Since I'm a complete amateur high school student, any helpful hints and comments are very welcomed! Score in PDF format coming soon. For more music please visit : https://www.reverbnation.com/mademoisellelilaclucrezia
  9. This is the last work I finished before my computer sadly crashed (though hopefully I will have it back up an running soon). It is a simple melancholic waltz which uncharacteristic of me, I wrote very quickly (less than a week) and much of it away from the computer. I'm fan of the Eastern European Romantic composers and Dvorak in particular and this was in part influenced by his Slavonic Dances. I hope to add at least two other waltzes to compete a set of at least three.
  10. This was the second piece I composed for my degree after the Choral Fantasy, but I don't feel like it's quite up to par. I feel like it's mostly there but there are things that need to be cut in certain areas and/or reworked. This is intended to be a second movement for a larger work. I'll post both the Sibelius Essentials and the live recording from my recital but the live recording has a considerable amount of errors in this one, so do keep that in mind. I would love to know what works and what doesn't with this piece. I can't seem to decide if I like how lush it is in the beginning, or if I need to keep it more simple and make it more harmonically dense later on. And then there are some developmental parts which I'm just not quite satisfied with. I decided to post this here though instead of in the Incomplete Works forum because I feel like any cuts and changes I would make wouldn't be all that major. Please let me know what you think! Suite For String Orchestra Mov. II (c) 2013 Jair W. Crawford
  11. As I slowly upload everything again, I bring my largest work up-to-date, my second symphony. It is in four movements and lasts about 25 minutes. It was composed in 2008 for the 50th anniversary of Slovene radio symphony orchestra and was selected by artistic advisors of the orchestra to be performed throughout 2008/09 season. So premiere took place on 23rd April 2009. I adopted some formal approach which is characteristic to late-romantic symphonies - frequent use of the basic motif throughout other movements, rich and colourful orchestration, free contemporary music language which uses different techniques at the same time: tonality vs atonality, aleatorics vs clear pulsation - clear melodies vs aleatoric counterpoint. I wish you pleasant listening!
  12. A concert overture I just recently finished about Snowdonia National Park, Wales (Eryri in Welsh), which I recently visited. Let me know what you think!
  13. The second DARE New Composer’s Forum aims to bridge the yawning gap in the opportunities available for composers to evaluate their symphonic work in a professional context. It offers emerging composers a rare chance to create work for full orchestra and to develop that work with renowned conductor and composer Elgar Howarth together with the Orchestra of Opera North. There will be a public performance of the chosen works on 29th November to which composers, conductors, critics and representatives of publishing houses will be invited. The work will be recorded by Opera North and a copy given to each composer. The opportunity is open all composers resident in the UK and Ireland who have not yet had the opportunity to work with a professional orchestra and have not yet had a publishing contract Please see the website for further details: http://www.dareyou.org.uk/projects/fellowships/forum/. For queries email: lesley@dareyou.org.uk.
  14. Dear all, I would like to have some advise/help from you. If you intend to make play your work to an orchestra or to a musician, how would you introduce your work? How can be a way to create the necessary interest? Who would you contact, to send the required presentation? I thank you very much in advance for your answers to these topics.
  15. It seems to me that brass in the orchestra is reluctantly used, held back for the big explosion, almost like percussion. Particularly in the romantic era/ nineteenth century (whatever you want to call it). I understand as time has progressed that brass has had its wondrous moments of melodic bliss but they are quite few and far between. Mahlers Funeral March in his 5th symphony is a good example. I'm hoping you guys can prove me wrong by presenting a work (or part of) from any era, could even be one of your own works, that displays a good use of the Brass ensemble. It would be grand if you could explain why as well. I'd probably put this forward as the finest use of the Brass ensemble in a Romantic orchestra- Verdi's Triumphal March from Aida I think this particular march possess' fantastic orchestration for Brass. When the main theme of the march is presented on solo trumpet and is likely accompanied by lower brass you question where Verdi is going to this... he doesn't explode into an array of noise. Instead theres a brief explosion in the orchestra before the theme is repeated. This time by two trumpets. < so subtle but beautifully effected, it portrays the unity that a march should possess. The theme is repeated a third time but the trumpets separate, one possessing the theme and the other the counter-melody. The strings and wind then take over for a brief interlude before the brass re-enter playing what I believe is an earlier theme. Then whats this the trumpets return in a grandioso finish accompanied by the full orchestra. I just think its incredibly effective orchestration and Verdi doesn't lose the effect of the brass when they return at the end. Instead it is probably heightened as we are just waiting for them to return! Anyway... It would be cool to see what any of you find.
  16. Alright. I have a 75% chance of getting a piece performed in two weeks (I'll tell you that story later). Anyhow, the place formally known as Kinkos has stated they can print on 12 x 18 - 35lbs (which will make my parts 9 x 12). MOLA prefers 10 x 13 parts; unfortunately, your's truly can not afford to that so I'll try this 9 x 12. (you have to order 13 x 20 paper and most places don't have a printer for that. You have to have it sent to the middle-of-nowhere for this to happen with about a two-week turnaround). Now 8.5 x 11- 20lb paper is really tacky for an orchestra. MOLA suggest 60lbs. Let's see if Kinkos can make this happen! Wish me luck! Musically Yours, Sir Wick
  17. Hi! I'm new to this forum so I'm not quite sure if I'm posting in the right section here. Forgive me if it's the wrong one. I am trying to find out what kind percussion is being used in this clip @ 2:41 It's really a type of sound that is used in a lot of horror movies (and action/thrillers too). I heard it a lot of times. It is used in the movie "Valentine". You can hear it at 2:41 in this clip which is from the film itself. Link to Valentine clip: I'm not talking about the timpani heavy drum, but the intense short and loud metallic kind of sound on top of it with the reverb. It's a strong kind of sound and it reminds me of a metallic pipe being hit against a floor or something like that. Perfect for horror and thriller score. Another example is from Aliens (1986) in the piece "Bishop's Countdown". In this example you can hear it already from the very start of the clip. It's less pronounced but this time it appears more often than in the first clip. You can hear it as a part of the general percussion. Link to Aliens clip: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=f2XHvi4EzCw The reason I'm looking for this is because I plan to use this sound in one of my own compositions/mix. Does anyone know what kind of percussion this is? And I would also be interested in finding a sample library that contains this sort of sound, if there is one. I hope someone can help me on this! Ole
  18. Hi there, Two questions: must a symphony contain wind, brass (aside from strings), or can it also be entirely string? A whole piece will be played by string players (with no wind, brass, percussion)? Second, how does it basically differ from orchestra? Thanks, Elysian
  19. I am finishing up an orchestra score and would like someone to make a quality demo of it using some better sample libraries than what I have available. I need a fast turnaround and will pay whoever can do it $75 through PayPal. Needs completed by this coming Sunday. Provide an example of a piece you have done in the past if interested.
  20. You have been named Director of a mid-major orchestra in a major with a mid-major budget (16 million.) You need to name your concert repertoire for the next six weeks. The amount of sales will determine the statue of the orchestra (in many ways.) What repertoire will you chose (six concerts)? Have Fun!
  21. Hi, everyone, I'm new to this forum. I have some basic questions about film scoring. I play the piano, and I can compose musical themes on there. I have trouble converting it to orchestra, however. I have even more trouble creating the realistic movie sound I'm looking for. The software I have is Finale 2008 and Garritan Personal Orchestra 3. I know a lot can be done with these, but I simply don't know how to use them to their full potential. I want to make something in the general style of Anne of Green Gables, but I'll need some help. Please bear with my newbie questions. Since regarding film scoring, I'm a relative beginner, I'll need some basic questions answered. As the first step, how big is the orchestra in the above soundtrack? Is it possible to make this kind of score with Finale and GPO?
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