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  1. A suspense action music I made for the walking dead attack scenes of my game, "Space Anomaly" where a rescue team is sent unto an orbital research compound when they received a distress call 48 hours ago. They then found no trace of the crew but found some blood stains in the floors and the walls. What they don't know is the crew was infected by an alien virus that came from the artifacts they obtained from planets, eventually turning them to walking dead. Accompanying videogame for the music: The music is orchestral, accompanied by electronic ambient effects and a subtle vocal choir.
  2. Hi! This is a piece that I've recently written (It's one of my first). I'd really appreciate any feedback from you. (especially regarding structure and form... Is it too repetitive? Is it not repetitive enoough? And also about orchestration and other topics in general... ) Thanks a lot for your reply!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to compose tracks for a game I'm working on. I based my orchestral arrangements on the leitmotiv of Alan Parson's Project's Pyramid (G - C - Eb - D), so let me know your opinion on this :) Overture_score.mid
  4. So I don't think this piece is very "quality" in terms of how it's written. I do think it sounds good though, and I don't really know which to weigh more. That's the problem with these kind of, "only intended for the sound" type pieces. I know their objective to be really cinematic or whatever, but the orchestration just isn't very good. That said, I wrote this piece because a friend had a mother that really loved birds, so I wrote a piece trying to be serene with bird call emulations. She said she wanted that over the Pines of Rome-style bird calls. I hope you all enjoy. Fair warning: sorry, it's kind of loud. I also don't remember if I've posted this before, so if I have, just let me know and I'll put repost in there.
  5. Guest

    Opus 12

    My first orchestral piece finally done! Opus 12 is written for modified orchestral ensemble consisting of : Piano, Woodwinds : flute, oboe, A clarinet Brass : French horn Percussion instruments : glockenspiel, vibraphone, tubular bells, triangle Strings : violins 1, violins 2, violas, violoncellos and contrabasses. and harp. Composition consists of first part (moderato - E major/C sharp minor), second part (F major/D minor) and third part - modified first part. Since I'm a complete amateur high school student, any helpful hints and comments are very welcomed! Score in PDF format coming soon. For more music please visit : https://www.reverbnation.com/mademoisellelilaclucrezia
  6. My first full-scale orchestral work in album format. Hoping for a European Space Agency sponsored gig later in the year! therosettasuite.space
  7. Hello! This is my new symphonic orchestral piece with choir. I hope you'll like it! I'm really interested in your opinion.
  8. Some work I composed. Always looking for new opportunities. www.carldoesmusic.com
  9. Hello guys, this is my first post here. My name is Giorgio and I'm from Italy. I'm a sound designer and a... young composer. I've taken a look at the forum and it seems really nice. I'm looking for a complete orchestral sound library (complete orchestra, chamber ensembles and solo interments) good for classical and film soundtrack music. So... these are my questions for you: 1st Which is, in your opinion, the best library? 2nd Which is the best quality/price ratio library? (possibly a quite cheap one) Obviously, they don't have to be complete bundles, but they can also be separate libraries (strings, woodwinds, etc.) that I can buy separately. Thanks in advance.
  10. I have created a new track. This one is more of an epic inspirational trailer track. Please check it out! (and give me feedback) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0un5ntCRO4g&feature=youtu.be Thanks, -William
  11. I've been reading about Wagner tubas and I've been wondering how I can determine whether I want to use it in a composition. I know the purpose of the instrument is to bridge a gap between the timbre of conical and cylindrical brass, but listening to demonstrations has left me wondering why I couldn't just use a tenor tuba or regular horn in F in its stead. Some composers such as Wagner (obviously), Respighi and Holst seem to favor it for certain solos, but to me, it doesn't have much of a notably unique sound. In fact I've heard that Wagner tubas and tenor tubas are essentially one and the same, except that one has valves whereas the other has pistons. Has anybody scored for this instrument, and how do you compare it to various other brass instruments that sound similar to it? In other words, why favor this one over another, or have it as an extra in the orchestra?
  12. I have some weird priorities in my search for a sample library. I would really appreciate advice from people who know the offerings better than I do. - I don't want to make mockups of pieces. All I care about is hitting keys on my keyboard and hearing a high quality solo instrument sound come out of my computer with little latency. - My system resources (4GB RAM, 1.8 GHz Core i7, SSD) wouldn't handle anything too demanding, and I'm not planning to have a dedicated 2nd machine for this. - I don't need any special articulations (not even pizz). I can hear the effects and bowings I want; I just want a nice legato sound while I play around. - I only need western orchestral instruments (I do need wind doublings, at least down to alto fl, bass cl, english horn & contrabassoon). For percussion, I only need vibr, mar & glock. I was even thinking about just buying a good standalone grand piano instrument (so it would be as if I were just using an acoustic piano for composing -- not trying to have other instrument sounds at all). But I thought I'd ask here to see if there's some broader library I might like. Budget: I haven't done enough research yet to know what my budget needs to be. (I just heard about some prize money and could use all of it for this [1000 USD] if I had to.) I'm not interested in buying Sibelius 7 for its sounds (was suggested in another thread). Thank you for any thoughts!
  13. Hi, I need some advice on composing a new Melody. I´ve already made some orchestral songs that aren’t half bad. But now I have problems to think of a new Melody. In the moment, I can only think of similar ones to those I already made. When I think back, I can´t really remember how I got those melodies. So, I´m in a bit of a loss right now. How do you composite new songs and how do you put aside your last project? Do you meditate until you get something new or do you listen to other songs, to get some inspiration? (Isn´t that like changing an existing Song?) So, what are the pro´s ways of making something new? But this isn´t my only Problem. I said my songs weren’t half bad, but they lack emotions. I want to get my emotions into the song. But how? Every time I made a new melody, I couldn’t feel my own feelings in it. I admit, this will get me to the same question as before: So, how do you composite new melodies? I hope this isn´t asking too much. Looking forward to your answers Thank you in advance. Greets Memoria
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