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  1. I've been studying violin instrumentation for a bit, and the last resource I looked at was a video by Thomas Goss on unaccompanied violin scoring. At the end of this lecture video, he asks the viewer to compose a 2-3 minute piece focused on lyricism and craft. This is what I came up with: my first attempt at violin scoring. The playback on my notation software is pretty crappy quality, so just to be clear, I mean the quadruple stops to be two successive double stops, favoring the top two notes. And the accelerando does not really stop at m. 39, that is just another inconsistency
  2. This is, in my opinion, the most beautiful piece of music I have ever written. Enjoy^^
  3. This is my 29th soliloquy for violin. Here is the link to my previous violin soliloquy: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34051/soliloquy-for-violin-no-28/
  4. This is my 9th Soliloquy for flute. For some reflective moods, I find the flute to be the best instrument for the soliloquy. Here is the link to my previous soliloquy for flute: http://www.youngcomposers.com/archive/music/listen/8289/soliloquy-for-flute-no-8/
  5. A short unaccompanied solo I wrote for one of my flutist friends. My basic train of thought when conducting this was to present a few themes, and then restate them in loose variation style, present a new theme, so on and so forth. When I presented it to her, her only complaint was my grouping sixteenth notes around a key change at measures 15 and 16. I hope some flutists and composers can offer advice and criticisms.
  6. UNFINISHED VERSION! I am trying to compose one of my favourite poems for soprano or tenor voice (octave below), but I'm littlebit confused, right now. I have never composed for solistic voice and accompainment before, only pure choral and some orchestral pieces I have worked. I'm asking for advice, if my work fits in some style of solistic pieces, because just like I said, I have no experience with solo, nor browsed any sheet of the "old masters" to have a look at how it works basically. So the poem is about spring, and the first verses could make out a sleeping song too. This work is u
  7. Heyoh fellow composers! I just found an year old piano improvisation in one of my messy projects. I think it actually sounds surprisingly complete for an improvisation, but I'll surely need to learn play this and rerecord it. Meanwhile, I'd like to ask what you fellas think of the structure of this? How do you react to the fast jumps from higher sections to the lows and back up? Also, as always, I'm always curious on what associations music awakes in other people, so be free to share your thoughts! Anything else crab your attention? Hints on how to make it more interesting? Any feedb
  8. Heyoh fellow musicians! What does this remind you of? I'm searching for a name... Also, how much does it bother you that it has the same chord proggression nearly all the way through? Thank you for feedback! EDIT: Thank you all for your responses! :) I chose a name and ended up writing a poem when searching for a fitting image. If anyone's still listening, I'd love to know how you think the name, image, poem and music work together! ^^ The Image is this: https://pixabay.com/en/piano-rose-yellow-1239729/ Past is what haunts us the most, meanwhile The
  9. This is a short Passepied with a Trio for solo violin. I was inspired to write it after studying Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Violin. The Passepied is in the A mixolydian mode and is broken up into two sections (the first time it appears). The first section is quite soft and light, with the second section being more free and expressive. Two short pentatonic phrases in D major are combined to form the Trio. The piece ends with a recapitulation of the first section of the Passepied. Thanks for listening!
  10. This is my 5th soliloquy for viola. Here is the link to my 4th soliloquy for viola with its two versions: http://www.youngcomposers.com/archive/music/listen/4150/soliloquy-for-viola-no-4/ Since I see that it is no longer possible to comment on pieces from the archives where this previous soliloquy is located, I would ask that anyone who listens to it and would like to comment on it please do so here.
  11. Hi all. Here is the 4th movement of my recently finished sonata in E. It is generally in the style of Beethoven/Mozart. I am quite pleased with how it has progressed. I would value any feedback. I am blessed to be able to share it. The sheet music was written with MuseScore, which is a neat little program. If you wish to listen, simply go follow the link and hit play. Cheers. https://musescore.com/user/9350326/scores/2120656 Because it is being played off the score, it will lack a little of the human touch, but it will give a pretty good idea of the overall sound of the m
  12. Hello all! For those that don't know me, I am a high school senior, graduating in a couple of weeks, and I have nothing to practice over the summer before I go study composition at Lawrence Conservatory. This summer, I really want to improve my playing 10-fold, my plan is to double my practice time and to improve so much, I'll have a really strong start when I start school in the Fall. Just to give you a picture about where I am performance wise I was 1st chair oboe at District band I have also done numerous college auditions, and every school that required an instrumental auditi
  13. Hi, I just started my first solo violin composition and i have 2 question about the score right now. i showed them in this picture : Does my explanation of how to play like crescendo from "ON-THE BRIDGE" to "BEHIND THE BRIDGE" right ? should i write "Similare" for the same bowing after the 2rd measure ? Thanks and excuse me for my low English
  14. Hey all again! I haven't been here for a long time... :) I have a new competition idea for you, but not sure, if anybody would be interested.. At least maybe I start your brain for today :D In February, I bought my electric cello (yamaha svc-110). I use it mainly in my rock band, and some jazzy stuff, but now I decided to write a piece for electric cello and tape. I would like to write it and perform it during the winter. Of course that wouldn't be the only piece, what I would play on that concert, and that's why I'm writing to you, guys! So if you really feel like you want to write a
  15. I have some weird priorities in my search for a sample library. I would really appreciate advice from people who know the offerings better than I do. - I don't want to make mockups of pieces. All I care about is hitting keys on my keyboard and hearing a high quality solo instrument sound come out of my computer with little latency. - My system resources (4GB RAM, 1.8 GHz Core i7, SSD) wouldn't handle anything too demanding, and I'm not planning to have a dedicated 2nd machine for this. - I don't need any special articulations (not even pizz). I can hear the effects and bowings I want; I
  16. Hi, guys! I'm a teenage guitar player and songwriter and I'm participating in an awesome guitar solo competition. Here's my entry: http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/318481/voteable_entries/67353975 Vote for it if you like it and thanks for support!
  17. I compose many pieces for solo instruments. Whenever I want to upload them, I am faced with the problem that there is no specific section for solo instruments other than piano. As a result, I am being forced to upload them either in the piano section or in the chamber music section (mostly the latter). If we could have a specific section for solo non-keyboard instruments, I think it would be great. Maybe it would even generate more interest in composition for solo instruments. Thank you.
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