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  1. The first movement to a planned suite for solo viola. I had in mind @danishali903's call for solo viola pieces, but for a while couldn't quite come up with anything that I was satisfied with. However the other day I was improvising started to come up with this piece. Then next day I wrote it down and gave it a few finishing touches and here we are. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, likely because I wrote this one while playing it so that I made full use of the instrument. It's inspired largely by pieces such as Vieuxtemps' viola capriccio (coincidentally my piece is in C minor as well), and Reger's viola suites. Since this piece is for solo viola and is highly expressive I decided to record it myself. It's not perfect, but I couldn't spend the same amount of time on it I spend on my performance pieces unfortunately. Hope you enjoy.
  2. This is my 6th soliloquy for viola. I got inspired to compose it after reading of a call for solo viola pieces. I listened to some viola solos, including my own 5th soliloquy, to see if I would be inspired with anything. And sure enough, I was suddenly inspired and quickly wrote down the start of this short soliloquy and completed it in one sitting. Here is the link to my 5th soliloquy for viola: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t33870/soliloquy-for-viola-no-5/
  3. So, @danishali903 called for solo viola pieces. Here are my 2 cents. I really hope the double-stops in the second piece are not uncomfortable to play :D In fact, all those legatures of the second piece can be ignored and substituted by whatever you think is more idiomatic and executable.
  4. This is a work for solo viola in the classical (or maybe Late Baroque/Mannerist?) idiom responding to @danishali903 's request for original solo viola music. It was (kind of obviously) inspired by Bach's famous Prelude to the Cello Suite No. 1. The chord progression and 'melody' are based on the first movement of a piece that I uploaded to the old version of the site, "Three Simple Songs" for violin with guitar accompaniment (I think this has now been lost). Generally, I think the tone of the piece is pretty suitable for a hospital floor. I watched the bowings for Bach's Prelude and it made me feel pretty confident that there should be no slurs in this one, but I wonder if it wouldn't get tiring to hack away at a viola for nearly five minutes straight. I'll defer to better judgments on this and other aspects of difficulty/plausibility. One final thing: the 9/8 time signature had me a bit confused about how to mark the tempo. Right now, it's marked "Moderato" because the dotted quarter notes come at about 100 BPM. However, it feels more like an Allegro or even Vivace tempo, and when I put it through my sound library, it automatically marked it as 150 BPM in (non-dotted) quarter notes. Which way is correct? Sorry for the book. Thanks for listening!
  5. Title: The Narcissistic King of Latharus Description: A king who comes as an embodiment of oppression, sadness, terror, fear and knows his kingdom shall rise against him. Minor chords: Used to express the sadistic nature of the king. Major chords: Used to express the fight for justice in which the oppressed will reign. Low Points: Created for the listeners to feel the king as he ponders menacingly. To express the death toll set upon those who are weak and under his leadership. High Points: Created for the listeners to feel the initiative of an attempt at revolution. In conclusion: I...don't know how to use the violin so I had to click in the notes. I have the viola playing the same notes as the violin section because I'm not sure how they differ. The piano is a live recording however. Hopefully the ending was better?
  6. A short piece I put together for viola and piano. I started with the theme I had at the begging and then developed it as I had ideas on what would be fun/interesting. I do like some of the ideas and may expand upon it, but I do like it as it is, a short showpiece of sorts with lots of variation in dynamic and tempo. Please excuse the failure's of my program's audio rendering regarding certain things. I am still very inexperienced at composing for the piano though, so advice especially in regards to that is much appreciated. Sonatina_for_Viola_and_Piano.pdf Sonata_for_Viola_and_Piano.mp3
  7. This was my final composition project for last year! The 7(/4) time signature was chosen from the beginning; being the number of days in the week it is meant to symbolise the repetitiveness of life during boring times, when every day feels the same: we feel trapped in the same dream -- everyday. No sadness, no happiness. Just a dream. We feel trapped, we try to escape, we get increasingly desperate... But in the end we all fall back down into our prison. The audio was recorded live -- I am the pianist; the performance was ill-rehearsed (we had very little time) and the higher-quality camera/micro ran out of storage mid recording so I had to upload the low-quality one :P Anyway, please don't get mad at anything different from the score or any mistakes or fumblings (there are many ). Any feedback welcome!! PS: the slurs were meant as phrase markings, not bow slurs. Violin and viola - Richard Tomes & David Wyn Lloyd, teachers at the Academia de Música de São João da Madeira, Aveiro, Portugal.
  8. Finally made some real progress on my first "real" quartet. I just finished the first movement of a planned 3 or 4, and figured I would get some feedback. I usually like to share the story behind my pieces, so here's the story to this one: Back when I was just starting to get interested in serious composition, I was looking for good ideas. At the time I took brief trip to New York City, and decided I would write a quartet trying to depict the city (in no small part inspired by the fact that I was at the time working on Dvorak's American Quartet with my group). The initial rhythm in the viola and cello (used to depict the train) I came up with then. I tried to write it out (I finished it about six months ago), but due to my inexperience with composition the piece developed very differently from what I had planned, ultimately being a nice piece that I'm still proud of, but still a fairly simplistic single movement piece. Finally I am returning to this idea, more experienced than before, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it's progressing so far. Hope you enjoy!
  9. This is my second piece I'm posting here. I started working on it when I was at a bit of a writer's block with regards to my quintet piece, then took a short break from it to finish my quintet off, and then finally finished it off a little under a month ago. This one is much more melodic and structured compared to my previous composition, and I tried to focus on having it be less complex and rather more beautiful and open to interpretation/expressiveness. The idea in my head while writing this piece was, as cliche as it is, love. Movement 1 represents a blossoming love, Movement 2 represents these two as happy newlyweds (still excited with the freshness of their relationship), and Movement 3 represents the same couple much older and wiser, but still happy and loving. Hope you enjoy!
  10. A re-upload of one of my most recently completed works, a short lied with a viola substituting for a singer. Let me know what you think.
  11. This is the piece I opened my daily sketches project with a long time ago, and it shows; it's not very good. I think I was trying to mess around with chord progressions using strange inversions, but I don't think it came out as I'd wanted it to. Hopefully you all can still get some sort of kick out of it :P
  12. This is a rondo in g major written for viola and piano. The score is still a little messy, so apologies for that in advance. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Guest

    Opus 12

    My first orchestral piece finally done! Opus 12 is written for modified orchestral ensemble consisting of : Piano, Woodwinds : flute, oboe, A clarinet Brass : French horn Percussion instruments : glockenspiel, vibraphone, tubular bells, triangle Strings : violins 1, violins 2, violas, violoncellos and contrabasses. and harp. Composition consists of first part (moderato - E major/C sharp minor), second part (F major/D minor) and third part - modified first part. Since I'm a complete amateur high school student, any helpful hints and comments are very welcomed! Score in PDF format coming soon. For more music please visit : https://www.reverbnation.com/mademoisellelilaclucrezia
  14. This is my 5th soliloquy for viola. Here is the link to my 4th soliloquy for viola with its two versions: http://www.youngcomposers.com/archive/music/listen/4150/soliloquy-for-viola-no-4/ Since I see that it is no longer possible to comment on pieces from the archives where this previous soliloquy is located, I would ask that anyone who listens to it and would like to comment on it please do so here.
  15. A Trio I composed about 3 years ago in mid-2013 for three friends who were professors at Friends University, Wichita. The unusual instrumentation was first suggested by the contrabassist, who had composed his own very fine piece for himself and the two others to play, and it inspired me to try my own hand at it. Unusual though it may be, the three instruments actually blend quite nicely together. Incidentally, the contrabassist was also a former love interest, which added yet more urgency to this attempt. The players had originally intended to premiere the work in 2014, but the plan fell through for various reasons - not the least being that the piece is somewhat challenging, and it wasn't easy for three university professors to find time to rehearse it sufficiently. In an attempt to garner some publicity, I published the piece on IMSLP, and earlier this year I heard from a trio of young men from Venezuela who had found it online and were planning to perform it. This ensemble of students did indeed premiere the piece in Venezuela in March of this year, albeit substituting 'cello for the contrabass. They did a yeoman's job of performing a piece intended to put professionals through their paces, and their performance may be found here: Scores for the movements are attached.
  16. Hi there, I am composing a duet for viola and guitar, and have some queries regarding voicing possiblities etc, as well as virtuosity in passages. It can be notated as I have it, or it could be notated in semiquavers, the bpm is 175 for a crotchet. Here is a link to the score on youtube. Tnks in advance for any advice etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oupfeUaWDpo
  17. Is there some place online (not YouTube!) where I can listen to the various bowing techniques in strings. For example, for someone who does not play a string, it is hard to understand the difference in marcato from spiccato fom martellato.
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