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Help writing a left hand piano part

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I need help writing a left hand piano part for Scottish Standard Grade. The piece is in 3/4 and in A minor. The piece is based off Scottish Waltzes and is for Oboe and Piano

I really need help writing a bass part. I want to do something more interesting than chords, but not something that is too prominent.

Thank you!!

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I'm not very good at compostion, so I'm not sure if this helps, but whenever i write a piano waltz i always try and get the 'oom-pah pah' part in the left hand. I find this makes the piece clearer to identify as a waltz. I usually have the 'oom' pitched around two-one octaves below middle C, and the 'pah pah' around middle C. The jump that you get in the hand between the 'oom's and the 'pah's is quite effective. I think it helps if both of the 'pah's are the same sound.

I dunno if this helps - like i say composition isn't really my strong suit :(

Some of Chopin's waltzes are really good, particularly op. 64 which has the minute waltz. You can search for some of them on this website (i think maybe some of them are listed as 'valse')

Free-scores.com : Mondial de la Partition Gratuite (Partitions Gratuites Directes et Annuaire)

(P.S. I hope its ok with Young Composers if i create this link to an external site)

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