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Cello players: is this playable?

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These are a couple of high cello parts in pieces I'm working on, how playable are they?

If the first treble clef melody is too high, would harmonics make a decent substitute?

The jump from the high Gb to the double stop at the end of the second one is impossible, am I right? I might just replace the Gb with a rest.


high cello parts.pdf


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Guest QcCowboy

it's awkward, not "impossible".

it's in a very high position just previous, then there's a sudden jump to a very low hand position.

if you put a single rest there (off-setting the double stop) there's no real problem. it still requires a good cellist, however.

As for the "high" aspect, there's no real problem with this. my own cello sonata is consistantly in treble clef, and goes up to, if I recall, a G above the treble staff. even that's not the highest possible note. And I remember asking my cellist about it, and she was "oh puh-lease! no prob."

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