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Watershed (Daniel's new piano album): discussion

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Hey guys & gals,

I've been working on music for a piano album that I want to get recorded and released sometime this fall.

I'm posting here really to sound some ideas off of you guys, and for general feedback.

I'm thinking of putting the thing up on bandcamp, and probably making a few (<50) physical copies to sell and give to friends/family.

Any thoughts on the best way of doing a run of about 50 professional looking CDs with cases/booklets and printed covers?

As for the music itself, I'll probably post bits and pieces of it on here as it comes along.

Here's the page where I keep info about the album updated.




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Short answer, DIY or DIE. From start to finish:

Recording supplies: $100 for a usb recording interface with two simultaneous XLR plugs for stereo micing. $140 (list) for two SM-57s (you can get this much cheaper by looking).

Packaging: 50 cds -- a stack of 100 should set you back less than $20. Full-size cases are about 50¢-$1.00 each; slimline are less. Glossy paper for the liner notes is maybe $10 for 30 pages, which you can do like two to a page to save time and money. Ink is totally dependent on your printer. There are "CD Stompers" that let you affix a precut label to your cds, which contrary to popular belief, is better for the life of your cds than anything but getting a CD printer (which is expensive). They're like $10, but the paper and the templates to print on them are usually much more expensive, like $20 for 15 or something exorbitant like that.

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Just an update on the piano album (Watershed): I've finished recording it.

I'm going to get it pressed professionally, but first I need to get it mastered.

Does anyone know any good studios for doing classical/piano stuff? Also not dealing with the budget of William Gates here, but I'll pay for it to be good.

Planning to release it as digital download and physical CD on CDBaby, which will feed into some other stuff like iTunes, Spotify etc. Will keep you all posted :)

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I had the CD professionally mastered and printed... :D

(at some expense :( )

It's finally now available HERE.

And soon on iTunes and other such places too.

Please have a listen. If you're feeling generous, buy a track for £0.99.

The CD itself is really nice looking - digipak with artwork by a local graphic designer. Very nice stuff.

But at least listen (you can listen for free on Bandcamp).


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