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GCSE pop conposition


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Our school follows the AQA board and out unit two compulsory topic is popular song. I'm completely lost. I have finished the first draft but needs to be a million times better. Has anyone composed a pop piece with sheet music so I can look at the style and the common layout and characteristics of each instrument? Also has anyone done GCSE or A level music and got an A/A* with a pop composition if so could I see sheet music and hopefully take some ideas to improve my own. Any help ASAP greatly appreciated :)

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What are you defining as "pop?" My course on American Pop centered largely on folk music, which might not help.

Also, Lady Gaga and Frank Sinatra are two totally different things (or are they?).

Based on this:http://www.soundjunction.org/popularsongsince1960.aspa?NodeID=321 it sounds like its the "blues & jazz" history they're teaching. Basically, make some stereotypical "rock" music and you're set. I'd say mine what you know about music outside of music classes.

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