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I tried to search first, using the... well, search function and it seems as the function has an error of some sort.

I just wanted to ask about theory textbooks. I'm talking about music theory textbooks, obviously, and I would like to know some of the best ones available that covers rudimentary to atonality in depth with suggestive music and examples. It would be a PLUS if it also had jazz theory as well.

Also, it would be awesome if it was no more than $200, and widely available.

I did my time in a university as a composition major. It's kind of embarrassing, actually, to ask the names of descent textbooks. :S, lol.

Thanks in advance,


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For a harmony textbook, I really like Tonal Harmony by Kostka & Payne, it goes all the way from "this is a clef" to different 20th century approaches, is full of examples from real pieces and is not difficult to follow at all. It doesn't really have jazz in it though..

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