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So as many of you know, I am working on a recording project during my time away from school this spring semester. I am using kickstarter to raise funds to help finance the project and am currently working on setting up the fundraising page. As I am new to this sort of stuff, I figured it'd be best to seek advice on how best to market the project to potential donors.

The project's idea is the recording of several solo and small chamber works of mine (some written/others unwritten at this time). Once recordings have been made, the works will be presented on my youtube channel and made into a cd for promotion.

What is the best way to market this idea? Any ideas? Tips? Suggestions?

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+ 1 for Tokke's suggestion.

Perform the music, market that as a fundraiser.

People are much more likely to support a project if they can experience it first-hand, and can feel that they're helping directly. Put it in their faces and say "THIS is what we're doing - be a part of it and donate! Help support creative new music America by giving me $10 today. I'll thank you in the liner notes".

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Well aside from pizza and beer, and performances, a video with an interview between composer and musicians would be great. Check Hilary Hahn's interview with Nico Muhly - just shorter and more general.

Finally as gifts, offer free CD's to top contributor as well as the prior idea of offering credits. A top prize is you could offer to base a piece on variations of someone's favorite song - a short 2 minute one say for a trio - or just a piano piece with a few variations. Offer that as a top prize with a specialty CD with that track and the score of the variation signed by you. That could be say the $200 prize.

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