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Sojar Voglar

Your Best Compositions Composed So Far

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Austenite -- how many pieces of yours have you not listed that are already on this site?


Quite a few, actually. The Quiet Thoughts, the Four Apologies for Cello, the Epigram in C - I wouldn't list any of these among my best pieces by any stretch, yet they're available in YC for anyone to listen and criticize. There are also several listed works not yet available here :p ... BTW, I tend to believe that a composer has more to learn when posting the pieces he's most pleased with, and having peers telling him why they aren't as great ;) .


BTW, I agree with you about your own Passacaglia, even with its spaceship-sized lenght :cool: .

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I definitely put the most sweat into my mozart quartet movement http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/3467/string-quartet-in-the-style-of-mozart/, and while the work paid off in certain parts, I'm not really happy with it overall (I'll revise it when I get a chance). I think my fugue on a given subject http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/3571/fugue-on-a-given-subject-for-4/ turned out really well, though, so that's gotta be it. Right now I'm doing a lot of exercises and fragments, so I don't exactly have a lot to show atm. But my very best piece will be my next one. Swear to god.

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Sigh, never quite sure. My best pieces to me are always the ones I am working on at the moment - then reality sets in!


But based on reactions from listeners here are a few some of which (without a link) you can find at my soundclick page - http://www.soundclick.com/comporgan




"The Other Side"  Quintet for piano and string quartet. Very personal worked I slaved over for almost 2 years. Not perfect by any means but it means much to me.

"Mood Music" for Wind Trio, flute, bassoon, and oboe. Another personal work that seems to peak interest from a few listeners and I find one of my more successful experiments.



"Volcano" for solo organ. An oldie but a goodie which is a crowd-pleaser though occasionally I get some who don't care for it.


"Interlude for solo organ" a very short work but interesting as I take a very traditional cadential formiula and expand it into a work. Some people really like it though i have not gotten a live performance yet. It was an annoying piece to write as it literally was crying to be written until finally at 1 am I started to write just on paper and pen and slowly refashioned it as I heard the Sib replay. Here is one case where the playback can be helpful - pointing out some sounds that you might not care for and then revise AWAY from the computer.


"Etude" for piano is one of the most fun pieces I have ever wrote using Gershwin and Czerny as a model.  here is a computer rendition, awaiting release of me performing it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGbV6dIURaU


"Variation 1 from Intro and variations for solo clarinet" - one of my most experimental pieces as the whole thing is multiphonics. Worked intensely with a clarinet player which makes its playability quite limited.  But check the recording for how beautiful clarinet multiphonics can be!




"Crossing the Straits" I am more proud of it for its ambitious scope and my first opera scena. I enjoy the mezzo soprano aria best but I am very proud of this work as I wrote both the libretto and music working with an excellent opera composer.

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