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Entering/submitting Guidelines For Competitions!

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I've been getting some questions lately about submitting pieces to the monthly competitons. Let me put it very clearly and simply so we do not have any issues.

Step One:

To SIGN UP for a competition, simply RESPOND to the thread and state your interest. THIS IS A COMMITMENT. (ex: "I would like to join!") That's it.

Step Two:

Write the piece. Write the explanation paragraph.

Step Three:

Please UPLOAD the piece AND THE SCORE (if the contest requires one) to the YOUNGCOMPOSERS.COM website. You can put it whatever category you'd like, or whichever one fits best.. this is not optional. It MUST be on the website (score and mp3 (or whatever file the site accepts)).

Step Four:

PLACE A LINK to the piece (it should be something akin to youngcomposers.com/__________) IN the competition thread. You will then be considered "submitted".

Simple enough? Post with questions in this thread.

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There will be NO MORE QUESTIONS about this. haha.

At least until this thread gets buried in YC's massive thread graveyards.

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In defense of those who do not have sibelius or finale, what can they do to produce a pdf and a mp3?

and hopefully now, everyone will follow this to every degree.

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