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This is a very intense piece, romanticism at the maximum. In English it is called "Love Death". Dying for love, is it supposed to be sad? I am not sure... Not if you are a lover.


So, it is the final piece played at the opera called Tristan und Isolde; and it is sung. But here is the orchestral version, which I prefer over the sung one.



I think I have listened this piece 100 times in the last days, as it is so delightful.


And after being searching and listening for many versions, I found this one:

Which is the Liszt transcription to piano, but it is not played as pianists usually play it, but in a very special and personal way, by pianist Ervin Nyíregyházi. I listened to the other piano versions, but this one is... the best. Almost as intense and affective as the orchestral version, with a piano...


You should listen first the orchestral version, and later the piano version. You will be delighted, with both.

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