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Please Help Find Drum Sound...

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Im having a hard time and I know it's probably something simple, but I am starting drums and couple

soundtracks have the following drum sound I am looking for:


you can hear it here: http://www60.zippysh...44899/file.html


and here:


when song starts, listen to the background percussion drum

and what kind of drum sound is that? i heard that in many

other things, including marching bands also i think.

it sounds like some shakerish-sand-cymbal, or maybe not a

cymbal, but you can hear it on left/right channels mostly,

its not really in the center channel. im a noob, dont

know how to describe it, but please help me find what that

is or and how to achieve that. thanks a lot icon_smile.gif

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1st link sounds like common cymbals to me, 2nd link is not clear enough because is digital render not real recording, but I think all this sounds strange to you probably because you only know a drumset, get familiar with rest of percussion, or orchestral percussion.


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