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How Do U Make Your Own. What Is Ur Style


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It would be appreciated
if u could have a Consultation.


The question is the
sequence of making an orchestral song with many instruments. For example I am
working on my own song it has strings, contrabass, choirs and many instrument else.
Ok? But now I am in Deadlock why? Because


I am working in Sibelius and
I want to add some ambient sounds need instruments like Chime and a very big cymbal.
Here it has not. Now my result is Sibelius is not for all works I should write
the parts only. I should not expect that I can make all of works by this
software.But when u have an idea you should make it so quick else may be disappear
and lost your ideas. So how do u work? How do u start. And how do u finish the song.
Sorry for my English language problems. I am not native.








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thanks for ur time .


my friend AlbertPensive i knew what he said in that movie on u tube. my own style is the same but when u are going to make  classic song i think you should write the note some times handy some times by software.


when i think about the question i get my style


thanks for ur attention.

have nice time my friends.


best wishes

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