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George Christoph Wagenseil - Influentiual Symphonist Of Early Mid 18Th Century

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Wagenseil was an innovative symphonist which history books mention in passing as the composers who formed the transition from Vivaldi's Concerto Grosso to the symphonies of Haydn, Mozart, and CPE Bach.


JS Bach was also an important influence but Wagenseil use of form and harmonic displacement as well as some of his harmonic progressions were grabbed by Haydn and Mozart. 


I suggest checking any of Symphonies and comparing them to Haydn's from about Hoboken 30's through 50's.   






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Yes and no Tokke. His stuff is in its orchestration and scope very much of its time but structurally and harmonically was able to introduce innovations to get the symphony from the concerto grosso form (Vivaldi was trying but never freed himself from the irregular Baroque period structure). Some of his work did get overshadowed by Haydn but the guy did so many things which Haydn and even Beethoven used as a foundation to expand. One small example, Wagenseil would articulate a cadence on the tonic at the end of exposition but then repeat the chords to land on a weak beat thereby creating a rhythmic displacement 9a rhythmic dissonance) that would be resolved only upon taking the repeat in the exposition. Check for comparison Haydn Roxelane Symphony.


Anyway here is an example of a Wagenseil Symphony - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_XEbQIQhyw


And btw congrats on the music engraving job!  Saw it on your LinkedIn.


Oh and I heard a fantastic performance of Shostakovich's Lenningrad Symphony for a benefit for Doctors without Frontiers working in Syria. Amazing players they got Neidich on clarinet, Azmeh also on clarinet ... and orchestra players from NY Phil, Philly, regional and international orchestras.  It was at Carnegie Hall last night (the 13th). 


I never got that symphony until I heard this performance, pacing and playing was brilliant and it convinces me this is just one of those symphonies that suffer greatly from recording - you get a ton from the visual choreography Shosty had in mind.

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