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I've Downloaded A Sample Library That Is Full Of Wavs... Now What? (Fl Studio)


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I have downloaded a library full of samples in WAV files. Problem is, each note is a WAV file... How am i supposed to use them? I can't find any tutorials that cover libraries with each note being a WAV. Im using FL STUDIO btw






(Aha! I found a bug in the forum! It was showing 0 views since the day i've started the topic. now that i've bumped it it showed 33 views, like it was refreshed or something.)

(Crap, now i can't delete the bump anymore)

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Ugh, .wav files? That's messy.


Other than loading them up one by one, you either have to make them into a soundfont using something like Vienna Soundfont Studio or somehow make them into a VST library if you feel like coding .DLL files. :P


I don't know of a "make a sound library out of .wav file" program other than soundfont studios.


Basically, raw .wav files suck. This is why pro-level libraries don't do that - The raw sounds are packaged into coherent files that can be read by a sampler such as Kontakt or PLAY. .wav files need a engine that you code yourself (make the next Kontakt!) or need to be worked with manually.


-Been an FL Studio user since 2005.

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