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Composing Short Pieces Using A Theme By Danjtitchener


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I don't get the point of this anymore, but... is there an oppurtunity for me to make polyphonic settings of other people's themes at all?


I suppose you can just choose one of the themes and compose a piece on it if you didn't participate in the challenge with a theme of your own.

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To "complicate" the challenge still more, and to make it of possibly greater benefit, what do you say we require every participant to compose a piece on, in addition to their assigned theme, their own theme? Later we can ask each theme's original and assigned composers to post their compositions at the same time (so that none influence each other) such that we can see the different ways each composer tackles the same theme. I would suggest a revised deadline for this more difficult challenge, probably something like 6 weeks at least. What do you say?

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Luderart, I like your thinking! Of course we should do this. It brings us back to the reason these challenges were started in the first place. To observe how different composers create music from using the same material but looking at it through a different lens. Like Pater, I am already planning on writing something using my theme so it isn't a departure from my plans anyway.

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Very well.


I hereby decree with all the authority of the Local SleepDeprivation Proclamation that henceforth this challenge shall have no deadline. If there be any objectors to this decree, let their heads be marked forever with the blood of Sarastro (which I have kept since he left the forum) and banished forthwith from the Sea of Wai (YC).


In accordance with this decree, I move that each person post a notice in this thread announcing when they have completed the challenge and providing a link to the music. This is obvious, but must be stated for the sake of convenience so that we may not be burdened with the task of constantly checking the uploads section specifically for this challenge.


Additionally, if any here be still in favor of waiting and letting all the music be revealed simultaneously, I regret to inform them that this shall not be the case. If thou shouldst desire it to be so, you may refrain from listening ere the music is wholly presented on this site. For myself, I will probably do likewise. This is so that the challenge may be as uncomplicated as befits its nature and the nature of those participating.


Thus runs the decree of King James the Sleep Deprived, Master of the Wai Seas, Holder of the Prescription Sleep Aid, and Decreer of Decrees.

If any should make request regarding this decree, said request shall not be considered and will be totally ignored* as befits a request made to His Majesty.


Good Day and Happy Composing.


*If new information or requests should be posted after this, they will be considered with due seriousness. Therefore this decree is subject to amendment, total deletion, and/or retraction if necessary.

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