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Wessobrunner oratio

Denatura Sonorum

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This a composition based on the latin version of the Wessobrunner Gebet.

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Musica Ricercata is a famous piano piece by Ligeti. It is in 11 movements. The first one has only A for all two and a half minutes and suddenly ends on D. The next movements add one tone until it reaches full chromatic scale in finale. Your choral piece reminds me of the opening movement since the pitch is always A with some added notes and it ends with a different chord. While it might work OK with piano solo I doubt it will be interesting enough to choir or to listeners - it is way too long for what it offers. It is also exhausting for singers.

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I don't think it would work  for piano because it was thought with lyrics in mind.
All rhythmic idea of the piece comes from the text.
I've tried to figure out the best rhythmic solution for each word.
Excepting the final bars for soprano that could be little high the exhaustion you've mention could be avoided 
dividing the choir in sections and only using the full choir when it's needed. 

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