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Fugue for String Quartet


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First and foremost; I do not know anything about string playing. As a result of such inadequacy, there are maybe some double stops (don't think triple stops) that are a bit hard to play. I've had a friend look at it, and I've had the string teacher at my school look at it. My friend the string teacher is convinced that it is almost definitively a college piece. I just wanted to write a fugue. 

P.s. The ending might be a little. inappropriate. it was meant to be funny but now that i look at it after the fact, I think I might implore a different last few bars. 

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To me, I think this piece is fine. I would say the ending is indeed "inappropriate". That's why I think you should keep it. Obviously, though, you are the final arbiter of you own piece. Which brings me to my next comment...

"College piece"? Was that a snooty attempt at a put-down? Please don't let me, your string teacher, or anyone tell you what to do about your piece; in other words, please don't take comments as absolute.

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1 hour ago, PedroJoséBernardezSarria said:

"College piece"? Was that a snooty attempt at a put-down? 


I don't think really it was a put down, I think he meant it as a compliment. Maybe i explained it wrong but he seemed to like the piece. In reality I just want people to play my music, I don't really have a preference as to who plays it, probably no one. I okay with that. this piece was meant as a time killer and to practice the form and function of a fugue. that's all


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