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Scherzo in F minor, for Violoncello & Piano

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This is a brief, fast-paced piece for the cello and piano. I'm haven't written much in the way of chamber music, but let me know what you guys think!

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Very nice. It would serve as a good middle movement for a cello sonata.  I like the balance between the piano and cello, they complement each other well without one dominating over the other.  My only humble suggestion would be to spruce up the cello part in the trio as it comparatively sounds kind of bland.

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I really do quite like this. The only thing I would have altered is the arpeggiated Ab major part... the long cello notes makes the piece feel like it slowed down, like it's not as active as the part before; I just feel like it's somewhat unnecessary, for example that really long Ab after the repeat sign. Not to knock it though, it was really good regardless.

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Thank you for taking the time to comment on this work, though I must admit I have not thought about this piece in years. It was, like hundreds of other works of mine, either destroyed, abandoned, or repurposed. Even my modern catalogue started in 2019 of around 100 has a dozen or so of the same fate.

I'm happy to say that many of those expectations you confronted in this piece have been better handled in newer works, though it has been a while since last I posted any music. In recent years, I've tried my best to avoid sharing my music, especially with scores included.

But thank you again for commenting, if only for a piece that no longer exists.

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