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Musical Universe

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Bearing in mind the 12 semitones of the scale (no microtones) and excluding transpositions, the number of possible scales/modes are:

2E11 = 2048

This brings the possibility of building 2048 different harmonic systems.

I don't mean using scales as improvistion tools over some chords. I mean using any scale to build chords from it (by thirds, but also by seconds, fourths, fifths, hybrids, etc...) and use them to harmonize whan we are composing.

Even only ONE note may grow to a harmonic system. See Ligeti's Musica Ricercata (the first piece is built only with a note: A).

If we stick to major/minor scales (modes) we are using only 0.01% of the possible systems (excluding also atonality).

So there is a musical univers out there...


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4 hours ago, Luis Hernández said:

Any organization of the tones between one note and its octave.

The number of notes in the scale vary between 1 and 12.


Interesting ... I'm not sure, I agree, but, whatever.  Continue on.



(One note is a note.  Two notes is an interval.)

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