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Straying in Darkness


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Heyoh fellow composers!

I just found an year old piano improvisation in one of my messy projects. I think it actually sounds surprisingly complete for an improvisation, but I'll surely need to learn play this and rerecord it. Meanwhile, I'd like to ask what you fellas think of the structure of this? How do you react to the fast jumps from higher sections to the lows and back up? Also, as always, I'm always curious on what associations music awakes in other people, so be free to share your thoughts!

Anything else crab your attention? Hints on how to make it more interesting? Any feedback highly appreciated :)


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Very good.

I don´t think there is much to change here, except perhaps for some few notes here and there.

When I first heard the piece, I noticed some slightly dissonant notes, different places in the piece 

I first thought that these were all clear mistakes, but now I am inclined to think that these dissonances

or some of them, are neccesary to keep the flow of the piece.

Changing one of these notes could turn out to be quite risky or complicated, if

the flow of the piece is to be untouched.

It is like having an almost perfect painting, where you notice a little mistake.

Trying to fix the mistake could eventually make the painting worser, than it started with.

I don´t know, if this analogy makes sense to you. 

I like the section from 2:33, where you go very high.

A quite reflective piece. I am not sure what is more precisely about, other than reflection. :-)


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Thanks for the feedback!

I understand very well what you mean and I agree to some extent, although I'm not quite sure if I perceive it quite the same way. I actually aimed for some dissonances, as my intention was describe a struggle through depression, misery and pain - feelings not quite that harmonic. A few of them don't support my purpose and those I'll change, but many do in my mind.

How this came into existence was while watching a documentary about people's struggle through heartbreak, and its neurology and psychology. One guy described one event as 'a step out of the darkness'. This allegory, my strive to understand them and my empathy it managed to create  worked as my inspiration. This was named "from darkness towards light" in my project - that's what I had in mind.

If this strikes up any thoughts, sheds some light on it or you interpret something differently, please let me know! ^^


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Hi. I like it very much.

About the dissonances, I don't care, I use them as long as consonances. In fact, I believe what Messiaen said: "there are no consonances nor dissonances, only color."

What happens here is that in a tonal environment, a dissonance (00:31, 00:52) is noticeable.

The "intro" is very beautiful. The leaps are OK for me, they are different sections.

I don't know if you can write down music. I would write this. It's like a "Nocturne", that's the feeling it has for me: night, solitude, ...

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