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Universal Enemy (Mass Effect Inspired)

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(Since this thread has an unfinished piece and is video game related based on the same game I wasn't sure if this topic belonged to the Incomplete section or video game section. I apologize in advance if I am mistaken.)

I have three tracks here:

1st - Is the one I've just now recently started working on. Mass Effect is one of my greatest games of all time and Clint Mansell composed my all time favorite theme song from Mass Effect "Leaving Earth" which I will post as well. And if you've played the start of the game while his theme is playing you'll probably burst into tears like I did...it is that sad. I basically tried to work around the chords with something entirely original. Turns out I couldn't really stop from making it sound like the original :(

2nd - This is a cover song I did of Leaving Earth back in 2013 or 2014, it's been a while. I didn't know the ACTUAL chords to the original but here I tried my best to mimick the original as best as I could.

3rd - Last but not least here is the original song by Clint Mansell. YouTube link:



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Whoops... I didn't like that game too much, sorry! Regardless:

1) I see the inspiration. It didn't come out very well. It gives things away too fast and lacks the base that you've shown before. It feels very surface and I don't feel the same intensity from the original, whether or not it was supposed to be replicating it.

2) The chords in the original are: Em, C, D, Em, Em, G, Am, Bm

Yours are: Em, G, Am, Bm, Em, G, Am, Bm

Just for your reference.

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I have no idea about this games, but I went to listen to the song "Leaving Earth". Well, this song is a mix of delicteness and effects that are so powerful that are almost scary (an original combination). Having in mind this son, your version starts with some chords in a higher register than the original; it breaks the feeling of deepness. I think this is not easy to cover. In this case, I would make a radical change from the original.

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