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Adagietto for Strings

Luis Hernández

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This is a quick composition for a string orchestra.

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Very nice. I'm curious, do you write out chords first, or write then analyze later? It seems to be an important part of the writing process for you.

The ending felt a little rushed to me... I get it's supposed to swell and all, but to me it ironically lost a lot of the energy built up.

Also, it's kinda fast for an Adagio don't you think? Is it intended to be like that?

Anyway, really beautiful, with a bit of polytonal flare (I love sharp 11's when they're used right!).


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This is great. I'm loving hearing you branch out to more instrumentation. I can see where the strings can have an advantage with your style, since you're able to sustain a note much longer, which opens up lots of harmonic possibilities that would be harder to pull off on the piano. 

I agree that the ending feels a little rushed. Ending a piece may be one of the hardest things to do right, and it's something I always struggle with.

But in general the harmonies are beautiful and well put together. The swells are great for emotional effect, and that's of course another advantage the strings have over a piano. 

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Thanks for listening!

About the ending: there is an explanation. This music is actually part of the score I wrote for the classical horror silent movie Nosferatu. This is the part when the boy is bitten by the vampire for the first time, in a night of nightmares. So, it is totally synchronized with the images and it had to end at that exact moment.

I mean, in another context, the development and ending would have been different.

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