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WIP Soundtrack for a game I'm making

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Greetings all,

been a long time since I've come to this site.

I thought I would share some music that I've been working on for my game called Tellurica (looking for another c# programmer with Unity experience and possibly a texture artist, if anyone is interested in working on it with me).
To provide some context, the game is a fantasy/scifi game that takes place on an alien planet. It is a combatless survival RPG based around horticulture, exploration, and narrative.

I'm particularly interested in what people think could be added or done to the piece called Misting, but really just any and/or all of them.

The soundtrack can be found here

Good fortune in your endeavors,



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Misting was fine. It had great interplay between I and vi, and smoothly transitioned between them with overtones. The occasional stacked chord you used to transition were also very nice. The ambiguity is pleasant.
Admittedly, I didn't listen to all of them, but occasionally there was a little too much "waiting" time in places where there logically should have been more pulse, but I'm not going to be picky. Very nice soundtrack.

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Thanks for your reply Monarcheon.
If you remember, where were some places that you felt could benefit from more pulse? I think that is something I've less directly noticed while listening to it myself but I haven't isolated areas that I could make less drawn out/"waiting".
I'm glad that you liked it overall.

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Really solid piece man! The atmosphere and mood you created held up well throughout the piece, also the thinner more lofi sounding section helps add vunerability to the melodies which I loved.

My only reservation is the production on the strings (guessing 1st and 2nd violins but I'm not great at orchestration yet) as i felt they lacked an edge making them slightly too unclear for me at times. A high end boost around may do it to bring more of the bowing sound out but this would depend also on what else has been done. Other than that keep going it's great.

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