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FALL, 2016; Submissions Link

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Here is the official topic for entrants to the fall competition to post their submissions. Please post your submission by posting it FIRST to the appropriate regular forum saying something like "this is my entry to the Fall competition", then posting a LINK to that topic here. Judges are not allowed to comment on these submission links, but other entrants are encouraged to leave some feedback. Remember your deadline is the 25th of November.

You all have quite some time left to polish up. Good luck to you all!

I'll repost the scoring guides:


  1. How clear was it that the entrant followed the basis of theme in each variation? /20
  2. How unique was each variation in comparison to both the theme and the preceding variation? /20
  3. danishali903 wanted there to be a larger emphasis on orchestration this season. How well did the entrant write for the instruments he/she/they chose? /20
  4. How quality is the score? Are all the markings necessary for a successful performance there? Are all the variations and/or coda labeled?/20
  5. Is the length practical (or does the piece start sounding monotonous?)? /15
  6. How is the quality of the audio? /5



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Here is my entry.  Good luck to everyone!  Hopefully you had a good experience with this type of writing.

Here is a recording of the theme.  Yeah, it sounds just a little better than the computer rendering.  :/


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added link for the theme

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