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5 Variations on a theme from "Peter and the Wolf" for String Quartet


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Var on a Theme from Peter and the Wolf for String Quartet - full score.mp3

This is my entry to the Fall 2016 competition.

I chose to use the initial theme from Peter and Wolf for String Quartet. Many fond childhood memories are associated with this piece for me, so I was excited to utilize it. I chose to arrange the variations for quartet because I quite simply love the dynamic that a quartet has, it's room for expression and individuality while also retaining the bigger sound that comes from ensemble. The theme I used can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ueGfjBKbiE starting at 1:45

I'm not entirely satisfied with how the piece came out, but I am happy I put myself to a deadline and stuck with it, and I look forward to participating in future competitions!


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I find your variations fascinating. Mainly because I lack the imagination to realize what they'd sound like if not marred by the sounds which you're obliged to use here. Not that they're completely devoid of their charm anyway. I can definitely see all the effort you've put into these and I can't even pick out a favorite. Maybe the fourth or fifth. Also nice choice for a theme! I wasn't actually familiar with Peter and the Wolf until recently, so it's a fun coincidence that you ended up posting these variations almost immediately after I first heard it. Anyway good luck Sebastian!


EDIT: Ok so two seconds of retrospect made me realize this sounds somewhat pretentious. I didn't mean to make it seem like I'm looking down on this because of the string sounds. It kind of seems that way to me now that I read my own words. This was really good and I meant to say that it was enjoyable in spite of the sounds and I really appreciate the result of your efforts. Really good job!

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Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps eventually when I have more spending money I'll get a proper VST for better realizations of my stuff. It's funny how that works too, as I saw danishali's Brahms shortly after I finished listening to the piece as well.

Also, you didn't come off as pretentious in the slightest, don't worry.

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