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This is way too unassuming. You open really strongly, although solo voice, especially when repeated, needs to be backed up a second time. The rest of the piece, while interesting harmonically at times (5:08), never seems to climax (or even build, really) and never seems to leave F major (or F lydian, in the longer phrases). Nothing builds on itself and nothing changes according to standard planning. Brief attempts at counterpoint result in major 7ths and minor 9ths that resolve incorrectly and don't bring out the melody as much.
It's a perfect foundation for building on, but as it stands there needs to be a lot more ebb and flow, rises and falls, to really make this energetic and impactful.

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For just a starting composer of two months, I must say that when I listen to this I can tell you have an *ear* for the music...but I would have to agree with @Monarcheon that this really doesn't go anywhere. I got tired of hearing the same drum pattern; mixing the pattern up a bit would've been a good idea. On top of that, things do need to build on one another but not so much to the point where there is clashing.

The melody is interesting but is consistent and doesn't develop. I like the introduction of the choir but the chord progressions needs to change as the track plays throughout. 

I was the same way, listen to my very first post here called "Court of the XIII Chancellors" nothing really changed there at all but when you layer sounds and change chords, switch to a different key, and generally make the track rise and fall it'll have a strong touch. 

Good work nonetheless though.

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Hello Petr

Solid early work here! :)

But I do agree with the above comments. It never really goes anywhere and it's too repetitive.

It feels rather '4-chord loop-y' for the most part, and that weakens any New World surprise that I think something on this theme should have. A new born on this or any planet is being overwhelmed by sensory information and everything is a surprise. Everything is fresh. And if you're wanting to capture that I personally feel that falling into a simple repeating pattern is exactly NOT the way to go. (Unless you're going for some more distanced, montage-type feel.)

As it is, it could be more effective in a different context possibly. But for this I reckon you should mix up the harmonic narrative, and mix up the time signatures.

Considering you've only been at it for 2 months though, this is a good start! :)

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Thanks for every suggestion, like I said, I´m doing it for only two months, so I´m kind of finding myself in music. I agree with every criticism of this sample. I´ve had only my laptop keyboard for composing, but I bought m-audio keyboard, so I´ll train and try. Although I wanted to thank you for your time spent here.

See you, hopefully with something better.

Thanks. Peter.

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2 months? It's good like for this time! You must have great mindset to do such this composition. Ofcourse it's very minimalistic and not perfect, fulfillment, much emotional etc. but this simplicity and harmony is good, orchestration is nice leaded.

But arrangement just starts boring in half way, the war drums are beating the same from the begining with the same velocity. The power of brasses just can keep through all and give much more potential to epicness.

But still love your idea of it. Keep it up, it's nice! :)

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