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Noah Brode

Divertimento No. 2 in F Major

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This is my second attempt at a divertimento in the classical style. It's meant to be a light and enjoyable work for a small string ensemble (I tried to make it possible for either a quartet or a larger section). I'm primarily doing these divertimentos as exercises in improving my four-part writing. 

One of the unifying factors between the movements is a consistent emphasis on weak beats throughout the piece, although I may have gotten a bit carried away with this aspect. I also sneaked a few bVII chords in to a couple of the movements. Let me know what you think! Thanks for listening.


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1 hour ago, Emiliano Manna said:

Very nice and upbeat! The witty humour reminds me of young Verdi.

Some accidental spelling seems wrong to me, movt. I and V especially.


Thanks! That's high praise.

I am a bit fuzzy on whether to use an augmented second or a minor third sometimes.. I have usually been spelling it as a minor third resolving into a major third, but I'm guessing that's wrong and it should be an augmented second resolving to the major third. 

Thanks again for listening! It's great to get feedback.

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