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I Love You (R&B Ballad)


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So after talking about DAWs and how to make a recording, I figured I'd talk about how I came up with this tune. I wrote on an old workstation keyboard.  I recorded it into the computer to make a CD.

Then, I wrote the chart out in Finale.  Went to the studio and recorded the drums.  Took a mic and an MBOX around to different houses/schools and recorded the bass, guitars, horns, strings, and vocals on ProTools.  Borrowing from Earth, Wind, and Fire and Toto style and concepts, I have two different guitars.  On this track, I have an acoustic on the left and wah on the right.



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Yo...that's what I'm talking about right there. I couldn't help but to rap a short hook along with the vocals. You have a nice voice and the amount of work you took to reach the overall sound is amazing. Really outstanding work man. 

When I heard the saxophone come in I melted.

I would definitely love to collaborate with you someday on a song.

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It functions really well, definitely. I'll make no claim I'm an expert with this kind of stuff, but a song titled "I Love You" is a little bit on the nose, no? :happy:
Obviously this would get a little boring for strings to play, but that wasn't your intention. I think your bass part in its leaping passing tones get to me sometimes, but it's generally really nice!

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It's a very nice track, M. I hear the EW&F and some Stevie Wonder too. Nice production and mix, well done. Now to rain on your parade. Actually, just two points. "I Love You" isn't really a lyric if you don't tell us why you love her. Take us on a journey of love so that when you get back to the hook it becomes a catharsis. The other point is you brought in the strings right away. Never do that! It's like bringing out your queen right away in chess. My 2c. I have always loved this kind of music, so thanks for sharing it. :thumbsup:

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