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The Umbrella

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I did this a few years ago in association with VirtualArtists.com, who obtained permission from the student filmmaker, Xin Li, to allow his work to be published with alternate music. The original composer did a more, how can I say, micro-managed score. Whereas mine is more laid back with more focus on the music being as complete and effective in its own right as possible. Two basic ways of approaching film scoring.

This is the kind of thing I would to see YC do. Complete films to score to, 5-20 minutes, not just clips from video games. Your thoughts?


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Wow!  How beautifully conceived and executed.  The subtlety of the connection to the image was impressive.

The flying birds with the piano at :40, the sustained violin at 1:39ish, and again the piano playing off the final bird at the very end.  Truly well merged with the film.

I also listened without the film and liked the fact that the music was able to stand alone.

Well done.


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