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This is a piece I would really like to transpose with more strings and entire orchestra..but for now it remains written for 7 string guitars in B flat.

Sheet music for each individual instrument is unfortunately in each single pdf. Sorry. Also, please forgive the midi sound haha.


Feedback is much appreciated!Mark My Face.mp3

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The key is not Bb. It's a mix between G Phrygian harmonic and B minor, mostly the latter.
Is there no way for your program to derive a score from this? I can't look through all of these parts equally and recall what happened in the other part.
As the piece progressed the whole tone of it got really strange and cacophonous especially with the added "horn" sound in there. 
When the piece is laid back, it's really, really nice. Watch out for minor ninths which you use on your VI chords in B minor sometimes.
Expansion isn't so necessary per se, but try to have the piece feel more cohesive, and actually end. Ending on the VII is not aesthetic.
Good luck!

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"Ending on the VII is not aesthetic"

lol okay whatever the hell that means.

This sounds like a jumble. Couldn't really hear much pulling it together. There is plenty of cool sounding sections and riffs and tonalities, but it all kind of just shoots in from nowhere like a shotgun spread.

I don't think this would work well as an orchestral piece. Too dense. You might have more success working with a small ensemble, although honestly it is very guitarish, I see no reason to really change that.

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