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This is what I see now from my window right now (well, I live in the mountains). And this is how I "feel" it with music.

Yes, there are some measures (74-75...) where the flute is quite dissonant. It's not a mistake, I wanted it. For me it's beautiful (it means something, to me).

link to soundcloud (mp3 player doesn't work, I'm afraid):



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1 minute ago, Opaqueambiguity said:

Honestly the piece ended and another one of yours autoplayed after it and I didn't notice it for about 3 minutes.


Sorry. The uploaded mp3 file didn't work (it happens sometimes, I don't know why).

The link to soundcloud kept on playing the next piece. I'll try to fix it.

And yes, the picture is in greyscale.


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I do not apreciate this genre of music, however you managed to create a good ambiance. I dont understand why you apologised for the dissonances in the flute, I think its the oposite. The flute should be a little more dissonance if you wanted to create a flute/piano dialogue. For example the 7 arpeggio in the flute its very off compared with the rest of the music. Its just a opinion and do not take it very seriously because I dont really understand this modern style ;)

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Hi Luis,

I don't think you have anything to worry about. While your language isn't tonal, it is consistent and develops well as the piece goes on. Even the flute dissonance felt, to me, like an natural consequence of what came before.

A few of small comments:

1. The mark for arpeggiated chords should remain strictly vertical, otherwise it may be confused with a glissando. See m. 32 for one of several examples.

2. For the arpeggio in m. 32, you may need to indicate "slow arpeggio" if you want the player to play the speed in the recording.

3. In m. 70-75, the flute player will likely play that louder than indicated despite the dynamic markings. Their instinct will tell them that it's interesting and should come out. If you really want it as subdued as it is in the recording, you may need a marking to indicate that.

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