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Hey everyone! 

This is a piece I composed in the style of the soundtrack of the Spyro the Dragon playstation1 series for which Stewart Copeland, the legendary Police drummer has composed the soundtrack. As kids, we used to play these games a lot with my siblings, apart from the wonderful gameplay, funny moments or great graphics, It was also the music stat stood out for me. I only recently found out that it was Stewart Copeland who composed this wonderful soundtrack. This music influenced me in a big way I think, because I really loved listening to it ever since a little kid. And so I decided to compose something in that style. Something original with the vibe of the game´s soundtrack and I gave it to my sisters as a Christmas gift :-) I recorded the whole piece with my Yamaha Motif FX8 synth using all the sounds from there, pretty cool synth! Enjoy!



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Haven't played the game but here are my thoughts on it just as a piece:
When the guitar sound is first introduced on all the beats, it might be nice to vary it to match the pretty awesome patterns you have going on underneath it!
The chords are great, though triads on bigger beats (not off beats) might be good just to define where you are.
2:53, modulation to A major was great. Coming out of it was a little bit awkward though, just before going back to G.

Great work!

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