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Alien Skies-First Song made

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Your french horn player is going to have a word with you, haha. That goes pretty high up.
The section at 1:13 was a really harsh dropoff from the energy of the previous section; the transitions could be better.
Though I will say that the 1:13 was quite nice, the ending was really unsatisfactory for me... ending on a tonic C with no bass support or timbral percussion. It felt like you didn't really know how to end the cyclical chord progression.
When you use repeated phrase segments sometimes it gets out of hand. For example, at around 1:03 you have this figure in the piano that only melds with some of the chords you place underneath it... the Em7 chord doesn't really fit the bill well for the ostinato.
I just want more from it. The length is okay, I suppose, but I don't get the sense that a lot of the chord or phrase choices were done with a lot of vertical conviction as much as the horizontal. If it's the first thing you've written, color me impressed, since you have an idea as to what your final project to be. You know what you want each instrument or section to do, but the chordal execution is suffered. I think it's a great draft, especially the second major section, but I guess I was looking for different things.

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