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Palaman City - Bielka


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Hi there,

I wanted to share with you this other song that I wrote a few months ago. 
I changed some stuff recently and just reposted it on Youtube. To help you with the understanding, I added some subtitles that you need to start on youtube.
It's (again) a love song about a man who wants to leave for a further town called "Palaman City" asking his girl to follow him.

I let you discover the song. Thank you all


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I agree with favi about the quality of the voice compared to the rest of the track/beat.
The chorus was initially really jarring in terms of what you were going for, since there's a lot of similar timbres mixing at similar tonal locations.
I get your lyric scheme changes, but I think this could have used a harmonic bridge section too. The i VI i IV with no real rhythmic change got a little old.
Also the beat change at the end was really good! It could have been used in the song, I think to keep it more energetic. 

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Thanks a lot for these good advice. I still have difficulties with the mixing of the voice. But I'm really a begginer in this area so I will (I hope so) improve on the next songs :grin: 

I will see how to use this beat in the end sooner in the song. Thank you 


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