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Chasing Perfect

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I recently worked on a soundtrack for a film some uni students were working on. It's my first real attempt at putting music to film and would love to hear how I can improve for the future :) . The youtube link below is for the finished film project but the Soundcloud link is just for the soundtrack on its own ;) cheers!


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So this film has been done before, lol. Black Swan is a thing. 
Anyway, your music. Lovely! It builds exactly where it needs to.
Stand out spots for me included:
0:37 - Begging for a suspension as opposed to a retardation.
1:37 - V chord with the perfect pedal 4th is interesting but maybe not in the right voice? It's commonly done, but I always hear it as weird, but that's just personal.
2:00 - E major 1st inversion chord is awkward on its own, but having it skip down an augmented second to the 1st inversion of D minor after that sounds skippy and non-fluid.
2:19 - E major vs. E minor?
End - End of the iv chord?
I also wish there were instances of the music pausing throughout. The constancy of music needs to always be met with substance otherwise it loses its meaning and it kind of was near the edge of that line for me.
But it was nicely executed. Congrats to you and the filmmaker!

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