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Again, I was not sure whether this qualifies for the chamber music or the large ensemble category, but here it is. Powder Peony Waltz is a Viennese waltz written for whatever group of instruments I like (modified orchestral ensemble with ornaments in the form of a piano and celesta). I know that the transition between different keys is extremely awkward and chord progressions are not very fancy, but I was simply asked to write a quick small piece for dance class at my high school for their annual ballroom dance show. I intended to make this sweet, flowery, and light. Thank you for listening an enjoy!



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Overall, really nice. I had a bit of an issue with your iii -> I progression at the end of your phrases; maybe you can vary the harmonic rhythm a little more to make that a little more smooth, like when you go to the ii chord (sub for V). The beginning was a also a little harsh because of the low bass tones climbing in thirds; it just got a little obscured. Piano does the same thing for future reference. 
Modulation at 2:14 was honestly kind of awkward. V/vi chord is set up and resolves to a chord where D is natural and it's feels a little jumpy. 

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I like the vi-iii progression. But instead of going to C# every time, maybe go to F# once in a while, just for variation. That's what my ear wanted to hear. This reminds me a little of Beach House because they do some iii-I progressions and other odd things.

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