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Hey guys, I've started leaning towards a more ethereal soundscape. This isn't something I could see being performed due to the amount of effects. Please let me know what you think, it'll help me a lot. 

Thanks, Rowan


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There are some things I just want to make sure are completely intentional on your part:
0:33 - Weird high note that clashes with the minor seventh of the Am7 chord.
0:54 - Use of F# in a borrowed chord against Am7. Basically that you're switching between F and F# quite rapidly.
2:54 - Use on minor 9th (Bb) above the progression.
End - Ending on F∆7, the VI of the progression, leaving the piece sounding incomplete.

Also, in general, this gears more towards ambient than ethereal, because of all the repetition. I would adventure a little more with the harmonically, because you're using a lot of great timbres.

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Oh my bad, thank you for saying though.  

0:33 - I didn't intend for this to be harmonically coherent, as it was used as sound effects (if you can call it that), but it also wasn't meant to clash to the point of being distracting. So if it sounded awkward let me know and i'll look out for it.

0:54 and 2:54 - These were intended, as I wanted to add some colour to the harmony and I didn't think any problems were caused, but then my ears are no where near as trained as yours are, so if it sounded awkward let me know.

Thanks again, Rowan.

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