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I am speaking from an 'emotional viewpoint here.  Hauntingly aloof.. The sometimes regular descending notes, brought some stability. They rhythm brought 'stability' to me and wonderfully offset the choice of notes.. The piano added a new dimension.. In a few places where you had some repetition of note times (1/4, 1/8's) that again, brought some foundation. My first reaction was it was music for a weird scene in a cartoon, like a bad dream sequence or something.. it quickly expanded past anything to be used in a cartoon or animation video (although it would work)..  I guess looking back to childhood,when something weird happened in a cartoon, they would resort to individual instruments, doing weird cadences, or 'falling in pitch' etc.  Hence the dredging up of those feelings..  Some one who did watch cartoons as a kit, probably wouldn't   

It got me to thinking irregardless of the pitch, the rhythm of of note lines or instruments.  Listening to music is one of the most complex procedures the brain does, The ear splits the incoming  data into 5 streams and send each of those to different parts of the brain for processing..  Rhythm, pitch detection, relationship of sounds,  geograpchical locations of all sounds heard, etc., identification of sounds (sounds like horn, dog barking and a brass instrument etc), emotional responses, memories of similar sound data. These 5 different processes are sent to aother part of the brain where it 'confabulates' the back into something cohesive. So where do we actually 'hear something'.

The eye does even more bizarre processes on it's data. like just noting the outlines of solid objects and letting the brain fill it in, much like the rubber stamp tool in photoshop, the eye doesn't even send all that data to be processed. Like wise logic circuitrly in the ear does that too, it 'trims' some of the data, so the brain doesn't get overloaded.

Your piece got me to thinking, about the repetition harmonic relationship of notes, (1 6, 3m) starting on different notes..  The brain catches the relationship of the notes, even when they have a different starting note. 

Irregardless of my 'thinking out loud here'.  I apprieciate the amount of feeling and emotion by just 4, 5 lines of notes..  the efficiency of it to communicate a fair amount, with a minunum of audio data..  nicely done.

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